Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 23

Fall Out (2)

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 15, 2003 on CBS

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  • Samantha is caught in a hostage situation and gets shot, and when another hostage tells Jack that Samantha is going to die in there, he trades himself for her.

    This episode is by far my favorite episode ever. It made me cry. I was surprised Samantha got shot. It was thrilling, yet terrifying because Samantha is my favorite character. I was afraid she was going to die. I believe this episode showed the true side of how Jack feels for Sam. He risked his life for hers. It shows in that moment, life and death, he is thinking about Samantha. That is true love.
    The acting was superb in this episode. You could smell the fear of these characters in that bookstore. I give this episode a 10.0, and I would give it higher if I could. The people in this episode deserved Emmy's for their acting.
    THis episode made me cry. It really showed what grief can do to a person. All characters showed that grief in different ways, from Barry to Jack. "In that moment" is what really counts.