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Anthony LaPaglia Moving On, But POed With CBS

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    [1]Sep 29, 2009
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    LaPaglia is currently filming the Australian film Balibo, but he had some harsh words for CBS in a blurb titled "Ex-Trace Star is Without Answers." In the blurb, appearing in the October 5-11, 2009 issue of TV Guide magazine, he states that "None of us wanted it to end" and that "everyone in the cast agreed to take a pay cut to help keep the show on the air, 'but no matter what we did, they had already decided.'" He also say he feels that CbS cut short summer repeats of the program because "it was embarrassing that a show they pulled off the air was still getting strong ratings."
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    And I don't blame him, he gets even more angry in the french version of TV Guide when they interviewed him at the Toronto Film Fest. CBS are a pack of sh*theads, IMO and I'm not watching any of their new shows this season in protest. (Your sig, agent 0042, is spot on and could apply to many, many sites).

    Also, btw, LaPaglia filmed Balibo *last* year, during the WAT hiatus and it was released a couple of months back in Australia. Outstanding film and he gives an outstanding performance.
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    I was looking all over for this show too, and was so sorry to hear that they cancelled it! What were they thinking?? The cast is stellar, with top notch acting..what a loss to an audience who is looking for a higher level of drama and acting talent! That sure was a very dumb move to let such a great show end this way!!
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