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    (I couldn't figure out how to make these things sound friendly, so I decided to treat this whole thing like a museum tour.)

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, and welcome to the Without a Trace forum here at TV.com. As you may have noticed, this forum is dedicated to the discussion of the CBS primetime drama Without a Trace, which details the lives and cases of agents working at a branch of the FBI. I hope everyone has their TV.com Community Terms of Service guidebook with them, as I will only be able to briefly reference some of the highlights of the Terms of Service.

    Our first stop is copyright violations. This includes things like episode downloads, copying and pasting, and (in the case of this board) fan fiction. When referencing an article on the show, please provide a link rather than pasting the content of the article.

    Next on the tour are TV Show Fun & Games and Off-Topic forums. TV.com has created special forums for these two things because they aren't supposed to be on the show forums. Although blogs and PMs also work very well for personal communication.

    Our third stop is the spoiler-free zone. Not all fans like to read spoilers, so please don't include them in subject lines, and indicate that there is a spoiler inside.

    Our final stop is at the 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' gift shop. Sometimes it's possible for the tour to become very heated, but the important thing is that we all have fun.

    On an aside, I know it's not always fun when there are rules involved, but these are rules we all agreed to. It's not fair to everyone if only certain rules are followed or only certain people have to follow the rules. Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns.

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