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    [1]Jul 13, 2011
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    I dont know if this is happening to anyone eles, but i kept getting emails on tv.com from someone asking me to explain an episode, i said no ask the editor, i dont know much about the show. They just wouldnt go away so i watched the episode and answered there questions, and they said i didnt answer good enough and to answer more specific. So i told her to leave me alone, and she did for about a month than kept coming back, so i put her on my ignore list, and within 2 weeks, today, i got 3 more emails from a new person asking the same questions about the same episode, and i ignored him too. Every email ends with (if you dont have this episode watch it Here So i think its spam, but im just wondering if im the only one this is happening to, cuz its like 40 emails, and if it is spam as a warning the person is JulieBenson123

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    [2]Jul 14, 2011
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    I had a problem with the same user sending me repeated e-mails about an episode of Law & Order. I'm the editor, but it was an old episode and I don't have the time to answer everyone's list of episode questions. I explained this but she didn't listen. I ended up putting her on ignore when she started getting rude. She also kept starting duplicate threads about the episode in the show's forum after being told not to.

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