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    [1]Aug 25, 2009
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    How many of you are from the Bronx? The writers for WAT should all be fired. Almost without exception all of the black characters are written as deadbeats of some king: drug dealers, crack heads, alcoholics, grammar challenged, but specific to "The South Bronx" the writers are drawing from the 70's. I've had it!

    The South Bronx is not as continually depicted on this show. Get out of the office sometime. Fly to New York. Take a ride around the Bronx. Learn that there are areas in the Bronx, south east north or west, that even come close to how you people have shown on your programs. Stop it. It is wrong and it is misleading.

    White folk buy drugs from their co-workers, get drugs from their friends or kids in school. What they do not do is drive into the Bronx, because they would get their asses kicked for suggesting that we sell the sh!t. Our neighborhoods are clean, our children attend school, and the new competition is education. There are no unattended children running in the street and city projects are well lit city buildings where families reside.

    The writers are going to update their knowledge of the Bronx or I will be sending letters to the network, news agencies, etc to ask why the Bronx being targeted by writers stuck on stupid?

    Have a good day.

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    Wake up-- the show is canceled. The writers won't be updating their knowledge of anything because they have been updated in the most permanent way possible-- they are all looking for new jobs!
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