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Without a Trace

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Max Cassidy vanishes after leaving a message on his wife's voicemail, with both Jack and Ann frantic to find him. While investigating, Jack realises that Max was having an affair, and that he's gotten much deeper into a case than he should have following the murder of his partner, Jimmy, a man Max had felt was too green for undercover work. Both Jack and Ann fear the worst as the team tries to hunt down Max.moreless

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  • This episode does wonders to humanize Jack.

    I have to admit that this show is getting too dark to be entertaining and a regular staple of my TV "diet". Perhaps it's 30+ years in law enforcement but the job seems to accent the worst in people and the situations they encounter. Jack has/is becomming a less than interesting person who has been ground down by the job and it's refreshing to be treated to an episode where we get to see that way down deep inside he's capable of feelings of friendship and love and caring about people that don't have a case number attached to them. In spite of these episodes that are few and far between I'll still bet that the final episode of this series has Jack eating his gun.moreless
  • Big disappointment as much of this show seem contrived. You could see through Anthony's acting. Furthermore, his usual passion was absent and or was he merely putting in the time walking through it. Advance knowledge about his new relationship ruined mmoreless

    I hate it when actors reveal too much about the show. They've built expectations that didn't live up. We heard about Jack's impending new relationship so there was nothing left for speculation. But there were neat twists in the investigation. Best of all were action scenes with Martin and Danny.
  • One FBI Agent is gunned down and within minutes his partner goes missing. We further learn that both the Agent and his wife are not only collegues of Jack but very close friends.moreless

    It keeps getting worse every episode.

    How many times do we have to see Jack cower and cry and be sad about some event that he was not able to stop? How mnay times? It's getting old, they need to find some new material for the man or realease him from the show.

    The commercials hyped up the fact that the missing agent's wife maybe be invloved in his disappearnce, I'm still watiting for it. She found out he was having an affair she did a lie detector test, and then she yelled at Jack and the issue was dropped.

    A woman from Jack's past is going to be his love interest this year: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and her yelling was only shown to gain some interest in the character.

    Oh yeah, the best scene in this episode was when Marty kicked the perp and spat on him. That was great!

    What is going on with this season? I believe the only concern this year is having some SO-CALLED big name person on the show each week.

  • A great case with neat twists and Jack seeing a possible mirror of his own life.

    What got me about this great episode was how Jack could see parallels between his life and Max's. Both in something of a rut, both sacrificing family for the job and both driven to affairs. You could see Jack realizing that with a few twists, Max's fate could have been his own.

    The case itself was quite intriguing with the neat twists. That Max's lover was the malitia killer was truly surprising and it was neat to see the gang a step behind Max in figuring it out and on the trail to her brother. The final confrontation was gripping as was the scene of Jack and Max, Jack trying to keep a strong face even though he could tell his friend was dying.

    This led to the great scenes of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, who I'm looking forward to seeing more of. She was good ranging from anger at the questions, to concern over her husband to the painful crying scene of her and Jack at the end. An episode that dealt an intriguing case with great character work, which makes this series excel so well.moreless
William Russ

William Russ

Max Cassidy

Guest Star

Marcus Chait

Marcus Chait

Jimmy Hagerty

Guest Star

Albie Selznick

Albie Selznick

Phil Henners

Guest Star

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Ann Cassidy

Recurring Role

Joshua Gomez

Joshua Gomez

James Mackeroy

Recurring Role

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