Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 14

Friends and Neighbors

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2009 on CBS

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  • Good solid episode with a good plot and plenty of investigative work.

    Two women get kidnapped for no apparent reason. Through intense investigation and interrogations, Jack and team finally determine that the kidnappings are Mob related. It appears that Adam Fisher stole $100,000 dollars from the Mob and the wanted it back. Problem is, is that the kidnapper let the wrong wife go and then shot her in the back. He wanted Julie Fisher but now has Cate Connelly as his hostage. In the end Adam Fisher goes to try and rescue Cate Connelly and the FBI shows up. The kidnapper is about to shoot Cate Connelly whom he still thinks is Julie Fisher. Danny Taylor saves the day and shoots the kidnapper.

    This is a story about one family wanting what another has. This is why Adam Fisher took the money so he could provide more for his family. It was all about his jealousy over the Connelly family. Great performances by Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Anthony LaPaglia.
  • A very good WAT episode focused on the case and FBI procedures.

    This storyline was kept out of personal relationships between the team members (Jack and Sam, Danny and Elena and so on), and focused on the case instead. In an idyllic city suburb two women who are neighbours and friends get violently kidnapped and the story revolves around why that happened, and what the kidnapper wants. After some uneasy disclosures about their past, their marriages, husbands and financial state it turns out one woman's husband had stolen money from the mob, and that was the reason for the kidnapping.
    We see a lot of Jack and Vivian in this episode, and some of the stellar interrogation scenes Jack is so good at. And it's one more example of human relationships adding up to something, inspite of the mistakes people might have made, or the secrets they might have kept.
  • Jack and the team search for two women, who are good friends and next door neighbors, after they were both kidnapped in broad daylight.

    After a few disappointing episodes, it was a relief to see "Without a Trace" show the signs of what makes this show as good as it is. For the first time in a while, I found myself hooked on the story and continuously guessing as to where it would go to. I think the story was well written and plausible and I was relieved to see an episode that was not bogged down by stories of the personal lives of the characters. I'm glad that was not seen here because it was starting to become a problem on the show.
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