Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 13

Hang On to Me

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2003 on CBS

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  • What an episode.

    This episode definetly was not the most edge to edge story and action episode but the end made it all worth it.. And maybe even more.

    The man who is looking for his son, still, after all those years, goes missing as he has lost all in his life. Everyone think it will be suicide or something like that but more they feel he ran of to follow the lead.. And what a lead.. the whole case comes out and they find the boy. Can there be any easy words to describe it? The pain, the happines.. the way it all ended.. what a beautiful ending for so sad story.
  • A magnificent story of hope and believe!

    A magnificent story of hope and believe!
    We already know Chet Collins from other epi, but now isn’t a parallel story, is the central case!
    This time, the team search on truly clues and finally they are on track to find Sean Collins.
    I’m glad that Chet don’t kill Bo Williams! It was a nice view to see Chet, is wife and Sean in a huge hug! But I still don’t know if at the end Chet and is family back together or no… But I hope so!
    Jack ends the epi with a Chet offer: a Saint Judas necklace, Saint of the Loose causes…
  • This is not \"the\" conclusion, but it does reveal where Sean Collins has been all these years that Chet has been searching for him. It reveals who took him, how and why he was taken.

    Since I have not watched Witout a Trace from the beginning, this is the one I have been waiting for. I am a big Aaron Neville fan since I am from New Orleans, and since I met Aaron Neville in a jewelry store where he gave me his autograph. When I saw this episode, it was at the same time that those 2 boys were found in Missouri and returned to their parents. It was great timing. This is my favorite episode. I think the acting was great, and I think that Chet acted appropriately. I just simply don\\\'t know why he didn\\\'t take the picture with him that he always had of he and Sean. I really don\\\'t want to reveal the ending, but I think that the writers did an excellent job. I was very glad to see Sean\\\'s mother at the end. I am very happy that Chet decided to include her. That shows that he is the loving, caring person that I had built him up to be. This program was a big relief for me. Finally I had a conclusion to the Sean Collins ordeal.
  • The best and most moving episode of this series.

    Charles Dutton is FANTASTIC!!! And a wonderful counterpoint to Anthony LaPaglia. The opening bit in his house, with the OCD clippings and maps and the camera swirling around as Jack and Chet Collins change places is an incredible starting point to a very emotional story. The father's desperation in the two scenes with the bad guys just about breaks your heart. And the final moment of reconciliation -- when the dad keeps himself from wrapping the boy in a hug so as not to scare him... Perfect. This is my favorite episode of this show since it started, no doubt about it.
  • Without A Trace at its best.

    This was hands down one of the best episodes of Without A Trace. The scene at the end where the boy is reunited with his family had me sniffling up and I’m not usually much of a softy. At the end of the episode I turned to my boyfriend and said “Charles Dutton deserves an award for that” and damned if he did not walk away with the Emmy a few months later. As far as I am concerned this episode stands as not just one of W/O A Trace’s best but as on of the best of the so called procedural show episodes of the past ten years. I won’t go into details because it has been a few years since I saw this episode but the fact that it has stayed with me for so long speaks volumes. This is modern TV at its best.
  • This episode is about A man who's son got kidnapped 5 years ago and no one has found him. His dad Chet can't give up even though Jack thinks he should. Chet disappears and the team trys to find him,stumbling on some leads in the son's case.

    This episode was amazing. To answer the other review. Chet found his son in foster care in Detroit. He just didnt want to say that he was his dad because he didnt want to scare the kid. I'm glad you like the show, keep watching b/c they're all this good.
  • "hang on to me\" Excellent show, first time watcher. I would like to see more of his expertise. I miss the ending. Did Charles find his son or did he stop looking & adopted a child. Someone please tell me.

    The review was excellent on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest and I give it an \"11\". I would like to see that episode again. Charles S. Dutton is a wonderful and experience actor.
    I miss the ending, did he find his son or did he stop looking and adopted a son? Someone give me an answer.