Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 20

Hard Landing

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2009 on CBS

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  • Martin finally sets the record straight with Kim, Jack accepts the new development with Brian, and the team searches for a millionaire's son who went missing after his private plane crashed.

    This was a great episode,where we finally get to see what happens with Brian and Samantha. It seems that Brian will have to stay in Samantha's house until he recovers from the accident, as his health care isn't that good and he doesn't have an elevator in his building. Jack is obviously very jealous and doesn't like this at all, but he will probably get over it. When Samantha announces it he says: "I'm not giving him a spongebath", which probably means those two will be okay.

    Martin on the other hand discovers that Kim lied to him, and that she is an accessory to robbery and murder. He tells Danny and Danny behaves like a good friend and colleague, and helps him find Kim and arrest her, so that he doesn't look bad with the FBI. Even though Martin feels betrayed and hurt he doesn't act on his emotions during the arrest. He doesn't exhibit anger or lust for revenge, instead when Kim gets shot he carries her out of the building. Martin is a very decent guy, a true boyscout. That comes out very clearly in this episode.

    The case is about a millionaire's son who is cut off from his father because he doesn't approve of his harsh business practices. It also touches on the current economic crisis, as the person who pursues the victim is an ex-businessman who used to be his competition, and was financially ruined by the victim's father. In the end everything turns out okay and despite their differences father and son re-unite under the stress of a dangerous situation. The son is alive and well, and the family is together again.