Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on CBS

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  • Slow moving, pacing was off.

    I got hooked on this show watching reruns on TNT. I have mainly seen episodes from the 2nd through 4th seasons in the past few months. This is one of a handful of episodes that I have seen from the 7th season, and I have to say that I have found all of them to be somewhat slow moving. I was constantly looking at my watch during this episode! There were earlier episodes, including "Nickel and Dimed" and "In the Dark" where the hour flew by.

    The actual missing persons case of this episode was pretty interesting. Some of the reviewers seemed to miss the fact that Lana, the matchmaker, was lying when she said that Dmitri was her brother. They were actually lovers from her youth, and she lied to convince others to help her bring him to the US. Aside from the case, the Jack/Sam scenes were inserted rather awkwardly. It upset the flow of the show. Overall, I am disappointed with the episodes that I have seen from the 7th season. I recently watched "Skeletons" and found the case to be overly convulated and hard to follow! This one was more staightforward, but it dragged. Usually, shows refine themselves by their 7th season on the air and run like finely oiled machines. The stories are usually tightly plotted and well-paced. Not sure what went wrong here...
  • As Samantha recovers from injuries sustained in a car crash at the end of the previous episode, the team investigates the disappearance of a high profile Russian matchmaker.

    Let me start by saying sodacostanza7 is wrong about a key plot point in this episode. Did he even watch the episode before reviewing it? The episode does have a its flaws. One is Samantha's car crash. It was hard to believe that she survived with just minor injuries while Brian was critically injured. Another is Jack's poor handling of the situation. He should know that he should not cross the line as he did in this episode's final scene. That will come back to haunt him later I am sure. The main story of the episode was entertaining however.
  • Jack and Sam establish their relationship on even deeper foundations, while the Russian underground plays a part in the episode's case.

    After worrying like hell about what happened to Samantha and Brian we learn in this epi that both of them are going to make it. Brian is seriously injured however and will probably need help with his rehabilitation in the next episodes. Samantha really cares about him (as we see in the scene where she speaks to him by his bedside before he goes in to surgery), and is determined to help him out. Jack has made tremendous progress in learning how to control his emotions, we can see that he is jealous but he understands it's silly to succumb to that, so he accepts Brian as part of Samantha's and Finn's life. "Do what you have to do", he tells her, and we can see that he will stand beside her even if the decisions she makes annoy him a little bit.

    The case of the episode is also interesting, a Russian ex order-bride and now popular and rich matchmaker, Lana, goes missing, and the team starts to investigate her environment. It finally comes out that in her effort to bring her lover from Russia to America, she pissed off her rich mob boyfriend Yuri, by lying to him that her lover was her brother. After Yuri finds out he has actually helped his rival come to America, he gets pissed off and abducts Lana. A friend of hers who works for Yuri saves her in the last minute by killing Yuri. Then the team finds her and her long-lost love, Dimitri, and re-unites them in a very touching scene.

    Back at the office Danny proposes to Elena (finally!!) and of course she jumps up and down with joy and accepts. Martin discovers some dark secrets related to Kim Marcus, and wonders whether she's telling him the truth. I really hope nothing bad happens to him! All in all this was a heartwarming, as well as exciting episode.
  • Absolute Garbage.

    I didn't think it was possible, but this show reached a new low with this episode. If it wasn't official it is now, this show needs to be cancelled as soon as possible. The terrible writing does not just stem from one or two writers anymore, it has become a plague. This episode was especially disturbing since not only was it a tired and predictable disney-like love story, but the two lovers were siblings. I kid you not. They were brother and sister. At the end they were reunited. Taking away the fact that the happy endings during this season have made the show boring, this ending literally made me want to vomit. And the worst part is that the characters on the show were acting like it was normal for something like this to happen. Seriously writers, what are you thinking? Is this the best you can do? I've had hope that the show could eventually rebound after its abysmal fourth season, but I've had it with the writers after this. Dear cbs- give this show the kiss of death. Put these writers out of work, they so utterly deserve it.
  • Just want to say way to go Jack

    Jack finds out that the NYPD has custody of the Drunk driver that caused the car accident that Sam and Brian were in, he goes down to the Police station to see him and punches him in The face I mean how many people would Love to do that in real life to drunk drivers and so many of them always seem to get of Lightly. Is there going to be a wedding? if There is I hope this doesn't mean this is the End of the series it's a brilliant show.
  • The squad invesigates the disappereance of a matchmaker in the aftermatch of Samanthas car accident!

    Omg there was so much love n this episode...i loved it!

    After the socking finale of the previus episode i was anticipating for this one!!
    Jack was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
    He was so worried about Sam, thankfully she was ok!!
    And then was that scene with Sam talking to Brian, how much she wants him in Finns life and later that she feels responsible of what happened to Brian and she must be there for him!!!!
    i don't know why but i have a bad feeling for this!!
    i feel so sorry for Jack, he loves her so much!!!
    I think he knows that Sam feelings for Brian are more
    then she admitts and we gona have trouble in paradise!!
    The squad this time investigates the disappereace o a young Russian immigrant,a very succefull matchmaker.
    As the story develops we find out that all happens because of love! She find out that the love of her life was alive and she wanted to bring him to America, so they can be together again!!!!!
    Sooooo....R O M A N T I C !!!

    And Danny with Elena are so cute when they talk to each other...i love them!! I hope the show not cancelled as rumored but continues! Is one of my favorites!!!
    And i keep believe to a happy ending to Jack and Sam!!!