Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on CBS

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  • The squad invesigates the disappereance of a matchmaker in the aftermatch of Samanthas car accident!

    Omg there was so much love n this episode...i loved it!

    After the socking finale of the previus episode i was anticipating for this one!!
    Jack was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
    He was so worried about Sam, thankfully she was ok!!
    And then was that scene with Sam talking to Brian, how much she wants him in Finns life and later that she feels responsible of what happened to Brian and she must be there for him!!!!
    i don't know why but i have a bad feeling for this!!
    i feel so sorry for Jack, he loves her so much!!!
    I think he knows that Sam feelings for Brian are more
    then she admitts and we gona have trouble in paradise!!
    The squad this time investigates the disappereace o a young Russian immigrant,a very succefull matchmaker.
    As the story develops we find out that all happens because of love! She find out that the love of her life was alive and she wanted to bring him to America, so they can be together again!!!!!
    Sooooo....R O M A N T I C !!!

    And Danny with Elena are so cute when they talk to each other...i love them!! I hope the show not cancelled as rumored but continues! Is one of my favorites!!!
    And i keep believe to a happy ending to Jack and Sam!!!
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