Without a Trace

Season 4 Episode 5

Honor Bound

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2005 on CBS

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  • An ambiguously Asian American girl (I think the writers were going for Korean and something went terribly awry) goes missing, and the team works hard to unravel the mysteries surrounding her and her ethnically-challenged family.

    At least Law and Order tries to accurately portray the cultures that are written into their series. Well, I'll give Without a Trace some credit since they didn't bust out any Jackie Chan jokes... Oh wait... Okay, so at least the actors didn't do bad kungfu movie parodies while squinting their eyes and dancing around in kimono? Seriously, I'm usually a pretty big fan of Without a Trace, but this episode disgusted me. I couldn't even appreciate the plot twists. It was like watching a presentation of Hamlet while a bunch of minstrels in black-face paraded around the background: i.e,. a bit amusing, very insulting, and completely inappropriate.
  • The episode is about a Koren woman who feels trapped in her family and culture and tries by using everything necessary to escape.

    I love the Asian culture and was happy when I saw this episode, which I believe is their first one, focusing on the Asian community.

    But, sadly, this episode has already been done. In Season 3 episode 'Neither Rain nor Sleet' we saw a Latino man kill his sister, and this is the exact same thing that has happen with this episode, a minority killing a sibling.

    The Agents had many suspects in this episode since the victim was a frequent guest of online dating services, and there was also her ex fiancee who she had a horrible fight with at their pre-wedding celebration, but he turned out to be gay.

    Another part of this episode that irked me was the location of her body after the brother confessed to killing her.....where was it, they left us hanging on this on.
  • A well written episode that kept you guessing but it left one hole that was never filled.

    This episode took the viewer through a lot of different areas that kept you interested. There were a lot of twists and turns in the plot that kept you guessing what really happened until almost the end.
    I was especially pleased with how Elena started to become part of the team. There was some under current of tension between Danny and Elena that came out when she made comments about dating outside her race.
    I liked the way that the plot went from having Wendy Kim go from a family-oriented woman to someone who is wild and uncontrolled and into kinky sex and then being redeemed back to someone just trying to break out of a very restrictive and traditional family situation.
    The jump from suspect to suspect kept you wondering “Who Did It?”
    The only place it fell short was tying all the loose ends up. The body was never found. Where was it?
  • The team works to find a missing Korean-American who went missing after arguing with a on-line boyfriend!!! When leads from on line boyfriends fail detectives end up with an upset ex- fiance. Who did it? the many on-line boyfriends? the ex-fiance? and wh

    i really like this one, but i also want to know what he did to the body, and what was the chicks name who played Wendy. she was pretty, does anyone know who she is? sesshy out... *if you find who she is email me* please and thank-you, (please tell me who she is!!!)
  • Where was the body?

    I liked the storyline, enjoyed the directions the case took me, but what did the brother do with the body? That is still bugging me. I liked the comment that elena made about dating men outside her race. I liked the victim, enjoyed the red herring, and liked how they brought in a different storyline with the internet dating. I like how they protrayed the safe way of doing it.