Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 9

In Extremis

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2002 on CBS

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  • Amazing Episode!

    This episode kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time!


    At the end, I was shaking my head and thinking, "No, Jack, don't give the green light to shoot if the sniper gets a clear shot"! Then I was just hoping the guy would put down his gun and walk out of there safely with Martin and then he started waving his gun around and . And poor Martin right after the guy, dead before he even hit the ground. Martin's reaction to the man being killed tore me up inside (even though he's probably my least favorite character on the show). If only Martin or Sam could have told Jack what the guy was saying, but, damn, why didn't he just drop his gun! And after that I just sat on my bed stunned, shaking my head. Goes to show you what some Americans think, feel and believe after 9/11.
  • Living in fear in world of stereotypes..

    Oh.. This episode was really moving and a really powerful message - in what kind of world we live. It is so hard to brake out of what people think you are and this case just proves it - arabic man goes missing and everyone is seeing terrorism and noone gives him a change to explain, even thought in the end they probably had all the facts to figure out the story - his friend made a bomb and he tried to stop it all.. and the way they took him down in a first change.. and how team reacted to this case.. I most say first time I saw some team interaction, some emotions.. in most of the episodes, they are just cold..

    So.. moving story..
  • Controversial from beginning to end, this episode will not leave a single dry eye.

    Thought-provoking from the start, this show focuses on how stereotyping affects everyone involved, not just the victims. It also shows just how difficult it is to fight the stereotype, and how prejudice never completely disappears. Dr. Anwar Samir is a perfect example. A well-respected doctor, he disappears and is immediately a suspect in terrorist activities. He casts doubt and suspicion to all people around him, beginning with nothing more than a phrase taken out of context. This episode grabs the viewer's attention from the opening credits, and doesn't let go until the heart-wrenching finale. It definitely hits close to home, and will perhaps have you re-evaluating all your beliefs. Not a single viewer is left unaffected by this wonderfully written episode.
  • Excellent and well written!

    In my opinion, this episode was one of the more controversial episodes of Without a Trace. This is what makes this show so successful. The team works together so well, even though they sometimes have their disagreements. Martin intially suspects the missing person as a terrorist and locks horns with other memebers of the team, which is actually nice to see once in a while. You were able to see how Martin's character developed, and this case clearly affected him in the end. This episode was definitely gripping and during the finals scenes, you were left torn by the song that played.
  • This was an excellent episode. Well written and thought provoking, it serves to break down stereotypes of Muslims, Arabs, and other people of color.

    This episode is movie-quality. From beginning to end, it's gripping, and you really don't know what to think. The ending is fabulous; it really makes one think about how easy it is to judge others based on stereotypes. Excellent episode! I would recommend this to teachers to show in history classes, ethnic studies courses, media, drama, and literature courses. Stop before the truth is told about Dr. Anwar Samir, and ask the class to write and/or discuss whether or not they think he is a terrorist. It'll make for good discussion in any class. It would make a great lesson plan!
  • I am totally into the whole situation. It's totally killed me to see such a sad ending.

    Due to diff. people with differences that caused such a mistake (which costs a life) really makes me sad. But the story is so real that it has proven that it can be anyone of us, no matter is it Asians, Caucasians, Arabians or Africans can be mistaken as terrorists who used diff. reasons to cause the conflicts.

    The writers are really very firm and express the full possibilities that can happened to anyone.

    This is really an excellent story.
  • The best episode of the season!

    Wow, I've never seen an episode like this one! It's truly the best episode of the season until now.

    Martin & Jack autmatically suspect that a misssing person could be a terrorist, while Samantha believes that he shouldn't be judged as a terrorist just because he's an arab. This causes some tension between them especially between Samantha & Martin.

    The end was the best part of the entire episode. When Jack has to decide that Anwar should be considered a threat & shot, causing an innocent man who only wanted to help save the lives of innocent people from a bomb, to die. That look on his face was priceless, you could see he regretted making that decision right away, but it was too late.

    I loved how in the final scenes they cleared the misunderstandings up when the nurse overheard him talking to aniother man about blowing something up. It was just friendly conversation between a doctor & the father of a patient, no terrorism involved.
  • Truly the best episode on any series out there.

    This episode is awesome. It is the best of the series. The plotline is fabulous. The moment that Anwar gets shot, and you see the face of Jack (oh god, what did I do...) and right after you see Martin shouting Nooooooooo... Well, that scene gets me goosebumps every time. It is just brilliant. No sound, and shiploads of emotions on screen, that is what good television is about. Feeling it and living it along with the team. This episode is absolutely movie-worthy. For me, it is the best episode of any show on tv, and believe me when I say I watch a lot of them (Csi (+Miami & NY),Cold case,John Doe,24,..). This episode is the reason why I bought the dvd-box of season 1, It really is THAT good!
  • A heartrenching decision by the FBI turned out to be an grave error which cost an innocent man, a gifted foreign doctor and a hero, his life. I connected with Martin to the end, especially during the final moments when he realized his mistake. I was comp

    The most powerful TV episode ever! Initially, Martin's having suspected the missing person as a terrorist seemed prudent although he locked horns with a colleague who he was very fond of. I enjoyed the tension Samantha developed with Martin and Jack. Tragically, this investigation became a horrible misunderstanding which eventually cost a brilliant doctor his life. Jack's final decision was poignant as the sound of gun firepierced the air. Bob Dylan's song was haunting and tore through the final scenes. I was rivetted during the final moments while Martin's desperately attempted to save the man who became the suspected target.
  • A well written story!!

    I liked this episode because it showed you that its not always what you expect. I liked the way martin was quick do judge the man as a terrorist but towards the end realised that he was not who he expected! I thought it was a pretty sad ending because they shot him and martin was upset because it was a misunderstanding!! It was a fine without a trace episode!!