Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 13

Life Rules

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2004 on CBS

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  • Plot inside plot..

    If that episode stand without something then how it all was twisted - we get first shock when we learned that the man taken planned his own kidnapped.. then when we get his brother his behind it.. and did I forget the shock when we learn that his real name is not the one we knew him.. so.. quite many turns, quite many unexpected and element of surprise but the end .. in that kind of out of the box episode (or was it?) you would expect something good to end too - maybe they just wanted to show that he could have talked himself out of this.. and that was the "big" thing in the end.. but I would have expected something different.
  • This is actually a bit like a situation comedy, as opposed to a thriller - which is actually quite refreshing

    A motivational guru is picked up in a limo for a trip to the airport. Trouble is, it's not the right limo, and he disappears. Who could have done it?

    Lots of suspects, from troubled clients to business partners. The truth itself is hilarious when it's revealed.

    What is very good about this episode is its take-off of motivational speakers and the change-your-life gurus. What seems like perfect life advice is just an actor taking on a role and talking some common sense that anyone could actually come up with if they took a moment to think about it.

    The trivia & quotes section already reveal the plot, so I won't put in a spoiler warning, but the idea of a staged kidnapping going wrong is clever, but even when it gets to the end, the humour doesn't end.

    Lots of fun, lots of twists and lots of double-talk
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