Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 6

Live to Regret

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • Jack's Back

    It is nice to see the unit back to 'normal'. Though I hope that Jack's therapy continues. He may get the job done - but let's be honest, he has problems. And these problems weasel their way into the job and cause situations that should never arise.
  • Jack is back as the Boss

    In this episode of Without a Trace, the following happens. In this episode the team investigate the disappearance of a woman named Erin McNeil. We also learn that Sam used to be married. Erin is married and was seen the night she went missing arguing with a man who is not her husband. We learn from her Husband that they were trying to have a baby together. We learn that Erin works for a bank and she has to work in the section in which people's houses are repossessed. She confided in a co-worker that her OBGYN told her that she will never be able to have children. We also learn that she had a baby at 16 years old, which she gave up for adoption. The team manage to track down the man who Erin was seen arguing with. They were friend in high school, and she was transferring money out of accounts, which are no longer used, which she put into his account. We also learn that he was the father of the baby which Erin had in high school. The team get the address of the adoptive parents and head there only to find the house empty. They then learn from a neighbour that Erin went there a few weeks ago looking for the family. It was then that she learnt that their son, her biological son, has died. He was killed by a drunk driver when he was crossing the street. We soon learn that Willa, Erin's best friend at the bank which she works at, is involved with the money which Erin stole. She soon tells the team that Willa's boyfriend has Erin. Willa confesses that she was also stealing the money as she was piggybacking off of Erin's transferring and doing the same then for herself. The team learn that Willa was suppose to ring her boyfriend in the morning to get Erin realised, but she couldn't as the FBI had the bank on locked down. She then rings him from the FBI offices and arranges a met. The team are also there and discover Erin in his back seat tied up. The team recue her and then they have to arrest her.
  • Started well - the ending was a little disappointing. A ripped from the headlines type storyline.

    We always are a little behind with watching shows, my hubby and I tape our shows on the PVR and then watch later. Just watched this tonight and was a little disappointed.
    After the last episode it seemed as though there was definitely going to be a change at the helm, and indeed Jack is back in charge. There were a couple of negative interchanges between Jack and his boss and the resolution of the issue with Martin having been offered the non-existent #2 position earlier. That part fell a little flat though.
    The main story focused on a Bank worker (Erin?) who disappeared. She worked in foreclosures (and of course that has been in the news lately), and dealt with quite a few customers who were unhappy at the loss of their homes. Disappointingly, it turned out that there were a number of things going on in her personal life – and that there lay the cause of the disappearance. She had been trying to get pregnant and discovered that it was not possible due to a previously unknown infection. Then it came out that she had had a child years earlier and given him up for adoption. For some reason (and this is where the story gets a little dodgy) she decided to steal money from the bank for this son previously given up for adoption. He though had died as the result of a drunk driver. So why on earth would someone steal money from her place of work for someone who didn't need it anyway???
    Since the boy was dead she decided to give the money to the boy's father who was facing some business difficulties. Though, again, there was no strong motivation for doing it.
    It turned out that a co-worker had been piggy-backing on the money transfers and also stealing money – and it was the co-worker's boyfriend who had kidnapped Erin.
    The story started off really well, but totally fizzled out. This seems really strange because we have had some really good episodes this season. Hopefully the next one will be better.