Without a Trace

Season 3 Episode 17

Lone Star

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2005 on CBS

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  • very complicated but cool .

    this episode starts off with one thing and ends up going in a ring of trouble. i was a little confused. first a real estate worker goes missing, theres a suspect. then he is portrayed as having many girlfriends and wives.then he is involved in illegal prostitution. we discover he is an undercover cop who might have blown his cover. he is only trying to protect these innocent girls, but it ends badly for one of them. you could really see the pain in his eyes when he saw the dead woman and blamed himself, it was so sad. very shocking ending. i thought it was very well written.
  • Lance Hamilgton is a civil cop and he is doing a great job.He works in the brothel to collapse the gang but after that the things became complicated...

    I'm just a high-school girl and like my all friends or like most of the world i think that U.S.A is a great country.We all have dreams about it and we all want to go there...Before i watched that episode i was dreaming to go to the U.S.A with an exchang programme...But when the girl said that they came there with an exchange programme i thought i have to think better again...

    Well it was just in my thought for a day or two:)I am still dreaming about U.S.A but i know also that i have to search well...

    Whatever...If we come to the episode...It was really ood i think.It was conveying a lot of things in the real life and everyone in the departmant was great...Lance Hamilgton and his wife was showing great piece of love:)Nothing more to say...
  • Switches and Surprises

    An episode full of changing circumstances. Real estate agent goes missing, turns out to be involved in slavery prostitution. Turns out he's an undercover cop trying to bust an international ring, but he takes the investigation too quickly and a girl ends up dead. The team has to find this guy, before the slavers do.