Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 23

Lost and Found

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 13, 2004 on CBS

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  • Beautiful story..

    I really liked the way this one was different - first the way they got the case - a kid comes to them and says she thinks she was adobted and then all the mess of lies will come out and it comes out there were people who really cared about her.. I really liked the diversity of the story, the way it looked simple first but in the end it was so multi layered, the people who took her had somekind of right.. but they did it wrong..

    And then ofcourse Jack leaving and how it affects Samantha.. I really liked that emotional twist there.
  • nice character development

    Great plot - nice to see Tina Majorino! What a great actress she is. Nice development of Sam and Martin's relationship - you can definitely see the attraction there. Martin was clearly hurt when he found out about Sam/Jack's old relationship, Sam justified to Martin that her relationship was over two years ago and before Martin got there. And the whole 'old feelings, new feelings' talk between those two was cute. I wish Sam had had more faith in her relationship with Martin and they had lasted longer than they did...hopefully the writers will bring them back together!

    Jack and Viv's working relationship was also exposed a little more. There was a moment with Jack/Sam about "missing this" -- this being code, I'm guessing, for them/her. All in all, the plot was great - albeit a little confusing at first - but what stood out were the relationships.