Without a Trace

Season 4 Episode 4

Lost Time

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2005 on CBS

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  • Into the past.

    The team, well, more or less Jack and Vivian take a trip into the past when a clue in an old case surfaces.

    A guy likes a girl but he lacks the confidence to approach her, and the fact that she is dating her married college professor is a further hindrance. But, he has an easy solution: sell out her affair to the wife and hope she lands into his arms.

    After the young woman disappears all evidence points to the professor, who is arrested for the crime by Jack and sent to prison for it. But, the real head turner is that he was innocent all along. (typical - how many innocent people are in the prison system).

    Anyway the lovesick puppy accidently pushed her off a cliff.

    Overall, not a bad episode.
  • One of the best episodes I have seen from this show.

    This story had everything in it that makes this series great. I thought I was going to hate the show after the new person showed up but they kept her in the background. The story revolved around Jack putting the wrong person in prison. I didn't guess the end like I normally do at the beginning.
  • Back to Reality and back to what this show has been. EXCELLENT!

    This was a good example of what the show has been about. It was back to dealing with the realities of this type of work. The good guys sometimes don\'t get it right the first time. The ending isn\'t always a happy one.
    Jack Malone has to deal with the reality of him making a mistake in the past. This was done with realism and underlined the character\'s strength that even though he realized he had made a mistake and admitting it that he would have still pursued the case in a similar way even today.
    The subtle twists in the plot line left you with doubt as to where it would end. It was kind of pealing away each layer until the uncovered the truth of what had happened years before. It was kind of Cold Case meets Without A Trace and done really well. Keep up this kind of work!