Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 11

Maple Street

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2003 on CBS
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Annie Miller disappears on her way to school. The group looks into her disappearance, with their suspects ranging from the local mayor, to Annie's godfather, all the way to a young man working for the father of her best friend. Twenty-four hours after Annie's disappearance, her best friend Siobhan Arintero also vanishes, leaving only a collection of videos to help find the two girls.moreless

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  • Moving story

    A little down, everyone know everything, two best friends.. and they both go missing with day apart. Sounds like a cliche first but they manage to make this episode quite a brilliant..

    I loved how the made this episode very emotional, getting the team involved, specially Samantha... and trying to find the people behind it. And when they go after the godfather.. and found the first girl's body.. that was heartbreaking.. when they go and tell that to the mum.. She was everything she had.. It was just such a tearjerker moment..

    Really moving and good storyline. Glad the manage to make episodes like that.moreless
  • Two childhood friends are abducted and one comes out alive and the other dies.

    Sam was clearly affected by this episode, more than she usually is. She had a rough time dealing with the how Annie Miller was kidnapped, and especially how she died. Four seasons later, we learned why she had a rough time with children's cases - her sister was raped and ran away for almost a year to have a baby. I was in tears when Jack and Sam went to tell Annie Miller's mother that their daughter was dead. I was also tearing up when Sam was frustrated after trying to get to know Annie through her videos. She isn't afraid of showing her emotions and letting everyone know how she feels. Excellent excellent episode!moreless
  • One that I totally enjoyed

    I just watched this episode for the first time via reruns on TNT. It was one of my favorites. The video of that the young girls took allowed insight into them and their lives and gave you a bond with them. Sam's relationship to them grows as she watches the video and finding them becomes personal for her which I enjoyed very much. The way the single mother handled her child was very true to life and sensible which I enjoyed. The growing suspisions about the godfather were believable and upsetting. The twist on who was having the affair was surprising and believable. I just wish they had spent a little more time letting us get to know the bad guy.moreless
  • Childhood friends - both abducted, one makes it and one doesn't. Absolute tearjerker of an episode...

    This episode really played my heartstrings. Annie Miller is abducted on her way to school by a man in her smalltown that she trusted enough to get in a car with him -- her best friend Siobhan later gets taken as well. Annie winds up sexually assualted and strangled - but Siobhan makes it. We see some great scenes with Samantha, as this case really takes its toll on her. She seems extremely affected by the case and it makes me wonder if maybe it has something to do with her closed past. We also see some pretty cute sparkage between her and Martin while she is viewing some home videos of the missing girls. Samantha eventually pieces some clues together and the team catch the predator. Very well put together episode - great acting from Poppy and especially from the woman who played Annie's mother.moreless
  • Painful and unbearable

    It's definitely very painful to watch this episode as I am watching a little girl who lost the chance to see this world and a mother who lost her beloved daughter who given her nothing but happiness even w/the slightest hurtful and pain.

    I have no idea why some guys can just do this to the little ones just for their sexual needs... I think these bunch of perverts shld be thrown behind the bar and shld be caned and let them felt the pain on their own to understand how painful is it to lose a kid...

    As for this show, it proven how much that we should be staying close together and should always support one and another when anyone needed any help. And at the same time, it also proven that this world is getting "sick" and yet most of us are not willing to accept the truth...moreless
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