Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 10

Midnight Sun

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2002 on CBS

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  • Fine story but too guessable..

    When most of the episode is build up on the mystery why a perfect family man goes missing and there is nothing about him before certain point in past, then first thing that pops into the mind in witness protection.. Maybe I have watched too many of that kind series but in some point I was really sick that those agents tried to figure out what I already know.

    But as I said, the story was good, the case had it's brilliance and how the solved their problems in the end.. and the title.. what a brilliant work in whole.

    So, yes.. I liked this episode.
  • A father and daughter disappear during their regular morning routine.

    Greg Pritchard, loving father and husband, disappears with his daughter one morning. On the surface, he's the quintessential all-american, even coaching a little league team. The deeper the FBI team digs into his past, the more they realize that underneath the surface is a man no one knew. This episode plays along very slowly at the beginning, and then picks up the pace at a speed that almost seems haphazardly put together. Although the plot is clear, the events leading to the climax left me....well, wanting more. And not in a good way. Much of the episode is focused on Sarah Pritchard, the wife worried about her husband and child. The script did the actress no favors. Her character was so annoying and abrasive, I almost rooted for the husband to leave her. She came across as a shrew, hindering investigation and completely uncooperative. She redeemed herself a bit at the end, after it was found out that Greg was in the witness protection program, after which he was enrolled when he was a innocent bystander in a murder trial. Although "Midnight Sun" was not completely horrible, I would not recommend anyone who has never watched this show to begin with this episode. Without a Trace is much better than this episode.
  • A husband and his young daughter go missing, and the team find out he is not who everyone thinks he is.

    I enjoyed this episode because it had you guessing. The team considered so many possibilities and took so many angles to try to find the missing person and his daughter, as did I. This episode was unique in it's own way. I enjoyed Jack's determination to find the missing person's daughter, who is the same age as his own daughter. In my opinion, that played a great role in Jack's determination and strength. The ending was very sad, as I was hoping for the missing person to finally be free of all his worry about the witness protection program. I would recommend Without a Trace lovers to watch this episode!
  • Oh i love that girl!

    I like entire epi! The case was very interesting and mysterious, just the way I like! It was a big surprise when we realise that Greg is not a killer, but he is a protected witness from a serious judgement of a gang! Brilliant!
    And his daughter was so beautiful, I love her eyes and expression! She’s so cute! I like to think how many years Sam and Jack work together, because Sam refers a case that they solved in 1999 and the story passes in 2002! At the end there’s a lot of time and cases that have been spend together!
    I want more of this!
  • Wow! Awesome Episode.

    Another great episode in this series. It just keeps getting better & better as the weeks go by.

    I loved this episode & at some points I even had tears in my eyes. Once again Jack jumps to the conclusion that Greg may be the bad guy and possibly kidnapped his daughter, but it was pretty obvious from the beginning (when they mentioned that there was no record of him existing before 1990) that he was in the witness protection program.

    For a while I thought that maybe Greg & his daughter were both dead, but I'm glad that they weren't.
  • A man in the witness protection program goes missing and many twists are thorwn in to question whether or not e is really as good a guy as his community thniks along with his wife.

    A family man and his daughter disapppear durring their usual morning routine. The squad does background checks on him and apparetnlyy he did not even exist until the year 1990. So they wonder if he is having an affair with a woman that often comes to his dry cleaning shop. They soon find out that she is working with the witness protection program . They find out that he use to actually be a college graduate and a lawyer. He did nothing wrong but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The finally find him and have to fake his death and make a new life for him. I liked the story line of this episode. It keeps you guessing.
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