Without a Trace

Season 4 Episode 20

More Than This

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • A young man disappears on his way home from his job. He's helping children and mothers who's in need and the team quickly learns that his family and friends is not very supportive. Martin seems to be headed back on the right road.

    These episodes are really starting to get to me. The Road Home also gave me tears in my eyes and so did this. Poor guy; being so selfless and getting so little in return. It was so painful to know that giving so much pays off so little. It hurt. It really did. Maybe because I feel that way sometimes; giving everything and getting nothing in return.

    This one also taught us a lesson: Drugs are NOT good, stay away from it. This is very cleverly wrote; We have Breck as the good samaritan, Martin fighting to get out being the one showing people that it is possible and this is how to do it, and Heidi as the horror example, being the one who kills a good friend unwillingly because of her addiction. I would call that clever and very ethic. This ep is booming with moralty. I respect that. And it really hurt me to see Martin standing where he was in the end. It broke my heart for some reason. But I am happy to see that he appears to be heading back on the right road... I still feel a lack of Sam and Martin moments though...
  • Great show and great acting

    One man is forced to do community service after he
    Goes vanishing and the team learns that in order for
    the sheleter with battled women and children he has been
    Working with due to a drug bust and being on probation
    He is sleeping with women that are rich and older to
    Swindle their funds as it gets to him. Sometimes being
    Out of jail, you can't really get used to life outside.
  • A young man vanishes after leaving a home for indigent women where he'd been doing community service for a drug bust.

    I still not decide if i love it or just like it, but the change of a lifestyle can lead to make a lot of sacrifices. Breck is from a wealthy family who after his mom died of cancer became a drug user, his father trying to teach him a lesson cut him off the financial help. He decided to stay on, finding fulfillment in philanthropy. So, he seeks for money to remodel a shelter for abuse women and their kids. He also tried to help his friends from drugs, but doing it cost him a lot.
    At the end, all the sacrifices we make, are pursuing a greater good. The only thing i regret is that his dad could't tell him how proud he was for his emmends.