Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 6

Our Sons and Daughters

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2003 on CBS

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  • Little town's secrets

    Ok.. I do not know.. The story was intense and I cannot say they lacked pace but something in this episode in the end, left me feel very uncomfortable. I do not know.. I have nothing like that after all those bloody and disgusting episodes (usually).. so it was weird.. but I had super weird feeling.. I cannot say I did not like it.. but for sure, it wasn't my favorite either. It reminded me too much of those teenage serie they have around tv quite a lot now.. and it looked little of the usual thing you would expect from the serie.. too much drama maybe.. and not a real-feeling case.
  • best wat episode

    our sons and daughters is my favorite episode. it showed a realistic side of what teens really do and who they are. from the parties to the relationships, everything was pretty much on target. the dialogue was very real as well. this episode keeps you guessing from the beginning. the ending was sad but fantastic and extremely shocking. some of the scenes were a little scandalous and got cbs in a some trouble but that was exactly what the epsiode should of had. our sons and daughters was a phenominal epsiode and there needs to be more like this in the episodes to come on without a trace. - bevin
  • A truly shocking tale

    Another review has already given away the story, but I'll put in a SPOILER warning anyway.

    This episode concerns the disappearance of a young high school boy. What starts out as a simple story reveals a very ugly sub-strata of society, with fourteen year olds having sex parties, including multiple partners. And the parents are totally unaware of it, largely because they don't seem to talk to their children.

    The missing boy is at one point a suspected rapist, then a lover, then a hero. It's very well written because it manages to mix a disturbing story about underage sex and sexually transmitted diseases with a Romeo and Juliet plot that has a similar tragic ending.

    The whodunnit revelation was cleverly hidden until the end. The ending itself is moving and so sad, because it was all so unnecessary.

    A good story, a difficult episode to watch. Thought-provoking and gritty.
  • This episode shocks me!

    I was really shocked when I saw this episode. The case was about a boy went missing and The Missing Unit follows his life for the last few days... Finally they find him killed from the sheriff! In midtime they were thinking he was a rapist, a knight in a shine armor and he was just a normal teenage boy who was lied from his "best friend" and killed from somebody who have to protect people.
    That what really shocks me was the parties! 14-year-old kids were duplicating adult films and have sex with multiply partners! Is this really happening? I can't believe that! They were just kids! I couldn't understand how somebody wouldn't reveal what was happening with their kids? Unbelievable!
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