Without a Trace

Season 3 Episode 15

Party Girl

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2005 on CBS

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  • Partee-partee-partee

    A more than above avg episode - but not specatular. Solid plot driven to rescue a kidnapped socialite from a vengeful killer. Urgency is added right through the episode on several levels. The victim is still alive, scenes show us her compassionate side and we begin to sympathise for her, introducing the webcam and internet voting on her plight is ingeniously cruel - but adds to the urgency.

    Pacewise the episode moves along nimbly, moreso than you average WaT show, esp. one without firearm scenes.

    Scenes and locations are varied enough to have kept me entertained and the movitvations of the antaganist and victim make it a believeable scenario.

    Worth a watch.
  • A young heiress is kidnapped, and the time is short when an internet poll for her death is up...

    This one a very nice episode of WAT. The opening was great, showing how this girl was the center of the attention of all the paparazzis right after having the "i don't want to" discussion with the other woman, who ends up being her pubilicist. The plot goes nicely, except when it comes to the ones who did it, since they don't go "trying and discarding" as in other episodes, but, seemingly, find them at their first try. The internet poll was something cool too, but they should have found out about the kidnapper manipulating the votes before, didn't they? Cool after all.