Without a Trace

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2005 on CBS

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  • Escaped or?

    Prisoner goes missing after a fight in yard what is thought to be diversion. So, there is two possibilities - the man escaped with the other prisoner or something happened with him within the walls. So there are some really great moments like when they stage the stabbing. I was first very shocked as I thought it was real.. But.. in the end I felt I did not liked this episode. It was rough one - I got that they needed it to the atmosphere. But the writing or.. something disturbed me. Maybe the way it was solved in the end - it felt little unbelievable or that kind of cheap exit.
  • A prison inmate disappeares during a fight in the yard. When the team discovers that the inmate was grabbed by prison guards they start looking on the inside rather than the outside.

    Such a sad story - really sad and with some disgusting moments in it too - like the blood and all YIKES! And very very disturbing that he was killed. I must admire this ep for one reason though; The scene where Marty breaks the tough guy down by loiring him wiht family visits. My god I swear that was great - a guy so tough as Kansas and then seeing him almost cry - that was just great.
    Disgusting that people appearently acts like that in prison - so terrible to think about.
    I also loved the whole Viv vs the leader of the prison thing. That was pretty cool.
    The end though - with Jack telling MacAvoy's sister that he died quickly though Randall just said "It took him forever ot be gone" to Danny - that was the best part. I'm happy he did that. The sister felt bad enouth as it was.
  • Great episode. It really deals wit prison life.

    Great episode. It really deals wit prison life. It was very emotional, even though I am JEWISH and do not believe in some of the religious views expressed in the show. Whatever. Anyways, great episode dealing with the harsh realities of prison life. Truly spectucular. A bit racist, but who cares? It\'s just a tv show and they\'re only doing it to sell viewers nad ads. So, what ever. I enjoyed it very much. It deals with how bad prisons are, and also emotions. It also deals with that bad people can change for good. It is truly amazing yah.
  • Insightful, well written episode on foul play in prisons

    In all honesty, this was a very tough episode for me to watch. It is stunning to think that these events could really be happening in a real prison out there somewhere. Martin's scene with Beast by tempting him with a family visit tugged at heartstrings. It really brought to light the fact that some inmates don't get to see their families and they are all missing out on some important events in their families lives. The sister of the missing was very well played - I'm not sure of the actress' name (but I'm pretty sure I saw her on Related as Marjee's boss) but she played her role so well.

    The plot was involving, with many twists and all were smoothly executed by the cast. This story brought in so many controversial points -- race division, prison/inmate relations and of course, penitence. All is felt through this episode -- Without A Trace does it again.
  • Prison escape or foul play?

    **May contain spoilers**
    This was a great episode from season 3. The summary given is good--a woman contacts the FBI because she doesn't believe her brother escaped from prison (with 2 weeks to go before his parole) and suspects he was murdered by the guards. This episode is about whether or not people really can and do change, and Jack Malone has to admit he is wrong. (doesn't happen often!) The ending is kind of implausible, but the script is well-written and the show very well-acted, especially by Jeremy Davidson as James Mac Avoy, the prisoner in question. The scriptwriter is a woman, and seems to have a fresh approach to the subject matter.
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