Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2002 on CBS
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Missing Persons Squad have to solve the case of a 28-year-old female marketing executive who appears to have simply walked away from every thing in her life, having left everything of hers behind. She was last seen by her doorman on the night that she vanished, her apartment appears to be intact with even her purse and cell phone left behind in her apartment. Her parents and co-workers reveal that she is a hard worker, and that she is a loner and had just been dumped by a married co-worker with whom she had an affair. A security tape from her apartment building shows her walking away into the night. Jack fears that she is lost forever until a ransom note appears on her mother's email list demanding a million dollars for her safe return.moreless

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  • Finding a woman who changes her roles..

    Mmm.. I think the picked interesting case for the pilot - a girl who changes her roles, the way she talks with people, maybe even plays with them.. and everyone describe a different person - so how to find someone like that?

    The episode had quite a fast motion what I enjoyed - I really get annoyed when they spend too much time on something but they really had flawless motion and to figure out of all the suspects who was behind it was quite a trick - I liked that.. not that you look and guess the right guy.. And also the idea that they first even doubt she was gone.. maybe it was suicide.. maybe she faked her kidnap.. But still.. even after all that good feeling.. and great camera work.. on somehow it felt little shallow..moreless
  • This show caught my eye immediately and kept me hooked until the very end...and left me wanting more!

    As a pilot episode, it's hard to know what to expect -- Without A Trace surpassed all my expectations. They lead us in with a fast, intriguing plot and attractive, charismatic cast. We get a bit of character development -- we see that Sam is immediately intrigued by Martin and he is clearly attracted to her. Danny is a man with a past, but he is sharp and witty. Vivian almost seems angry, but is obviously very well respected. And Jack -- he is the leader and my my, does he seem to have some issues. It's not blatantly put out there that he has a history with Sam, but we catch some looks and viewers can almost 'feel' it. Plotwise, this was great - we see Martin trying to fit in, we see Jack as a leader and we see how well this team of agents work together. It was interesting to see Arija Bareikis (the missing girl) in a role other than Annie Capra (on Crossing Jordan) -- she's a beautiful woman, with a wealth of acting skills. After watching the pilot, without a doubt -- Without A Trace will be a hit and around for awhile!moreless
  • What will become a hit!

    I love this show so far and despite a slow start glad that CBS has given it a hit sandwiched between Survivor and CSI Las Vegas!

    Anthony LaPagila stars as the head of the FBI NY office to find missing people

    He leads a great supporting cast and this show no wonder has become a huge hit!
  • blah

    Even though I do not like this show, this episode was actually kind of good, in its own very way. I might want to watch more episodes of this show, Without a Trace. I do not really like the show, Without a Trace, but I think if I watched more episodes of this TV show, Without a Trace, that I would be able to give it a chance and I might actually like it. This episode is not that complex, and that is why I don't really like this show, and also my friend told me it was bad. xxmoreless
  • I can see this show improving in future episodes.

    The pilot wasn't as great as I had expected it to be. I've heard about the show before I started to watch, so I'm not going to judge it by the pilot. I'm certain that it's going to get better.

    I liked the characters, they seem to be cool & right from the beginning they all seem to have good chemistry there. And the guys don't look so bad either *winks*. The flashbacks of the victim were cool too.

    The case was ok, but it could have been more interesting because it was the first case in the series, something a little bigger.

    I think this show has potential & I'm definately looking forward to next week.moreless
Arija Bareikis

Arija Bareikis

Maggie Cartwright

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Bradford Tatum

Bradford Tatum

Bartholomew Higgins

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Taylor Nichols

Taylor Nichols

Tom Wilkins

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Ty Miller

Ty Miller

Tech Agent

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Samantha Spade: Why'd you leave the apartment the way you did, unlocked with everything on?
      Maggie Cartwright: I don't know. I honestly don't know. It was like I was in a dream or something.
      Jack Malone: You wanted to be found.

    • Samantha Spade: You think a fresh change of clothes will make up for a lost nights sleep?
      Jack Malone: If I looked as good as you in black I wouldn't need to change.

    • Jack Malone: Legat London get a lead on him?
      Vivian Johnson: They do now. I had to read them the Riot Act to get them to put down their fish and chips.

    • Samantha Spade: You don't go to Carmine's unless it's Valentine's Day or if you're going to propose.
      Jack Malone: How would you know?

    • Jack Malone: I was surprised your father didn't call me about you.
      Martin Fitzgerald: I asked him to stay out of it. I don't want any preferential treatment.
      Jack Malone: Good, because you're not getting any.

    • Danny Taylor: Two years working white collar in Seattle and he gets this assignment?
      Samantha Spade: Doesn't hurt to be Victor Fitzgerald's kid.
      Danny Taylor: No wonder he's smiling.
      Samantha Spade: Not a bad smile either.

    • (Commenting on the reactions of Maggie's boss, Ricardo.)
      Martin Fitzgerald: I think he's sleeping with her. The way he talks about her and she's climbing that corporate ladder pretty quick.
      Jack Malone: He may be in love with her, but he's not sleeping with her. Never even thought about it. (Martin shoots a questioning look at Jack) He's gay.
      Martin Fitzgerald: What, because he called her a 'fireball'?
      Jack Malone: No, 'cause he was checking you out.

    • Jack Malone: Hey, Frankie. How you doing?
      Frankie: Ah, bum knee, too much alimony ... Other than that, I'm peachy.

    • (Querying Samantha about her current boyfriend.)
      Jack Malone: How is Dr. Fred?
      Samantha Spade: Busy and unavailable, just the way I like 'em.

    • (While introducing Martin to Danny, Vivian and Sam.)
      Jack Malone: As you all know, we have a new member of the team joining us today -- Martin Fitzgerald. Let's make sure we give him the frosty welcome that all rookies deserve.

  • NOTES (6)


    • The name of the character Samantha Spade is an homage to Samuel Spade, the main detective character of the 1920s novel The Maltese Falcon written by Dashiell Hammett. He was later immortalized in the 1941 film of the novel being played by Humphrey Bogart.

    • Samantha: Paul's still single and lives in Alphabet City.

      Alphabet City is part of Manhattan, in New York.

    • Frankie: We checked the hospitals, psych wards, morgues. No Maggie Cartwrights, and no 'Jane Does'.

      Jane Doe is a name typically assigned to unidentified females. It is the feminine version of the more well-known John Doe. Unidentified bodies brought into hospitals, psych wards and morgues are typically referred to as John Doe or Jane Doe until they are identified.