Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2003 on CBS

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  • A priest trys to make peace with his past.

    Again, this episode suprised me. I thought that this was an episode about a corrupt priest, who harmed the children he taught. I was wrong, a priest tried to make peace with his past, so he could be forgiven of his sins. I enjoyed how concerned the team was for Sam, since she was recovering from being shot. She was itching to get back into the field, but you could tell she wasn't ready yet. The little scene between Jack and Sam at the end touched me. Sam feels like she needs to make Jack proud, and she does. It was so sweet how Jack told her he didn't lose faith in her.
  • Not original storyline

    Ok.. I really most say this storyline was disappointed. I think the priest theme is so much used in tv lately and even the twist that he was such a different people before was used too. If they want to play with religion, they have had better ideas.

    I most say when last episode really felt that kind of meaningful, then this one was hallow. Maybe you have to be religious to get the depth of this episode, but for sure, I did not. And the char interaction was little bit down too. Maybe they wanted episode to concentrate on Jack and the way he has been lost.. but.. not the best.. not the worst.