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    Such an amazing show. the storylines are fantastic and with the millions of people who go missing every year its very believable.

    i love all the characters.

    great show. wish it never got cancelled.
  • Really Good.

    Great idea for a show. Very intresting.
  • A good idea for a show...

    ...considering all the people who do go missing in this society. It has notable theme music and is a well thought out show in general. Interestingly several of the main characters are not played by North Americans, I believe...Too bad it is on so late, well past my bedtime. The only drawbacks I can think of in terms of the content of the show itself is the male leads character is a bit too staid to be actually likeable. Oh well. I remember seeing him as a gangster years ago in a film...big difference compared to this show.
  • Well written, great actors, great stories...

    Compelling to watch. Mind boggling. Great visuals!
  • Simply amazing! The best crime show on tv!

    I discoverd Without a Trace in it's third season, and since then i have watched every episode several times over. It is one of those shows that will never be boring, because it's well written, the actors are really good, once in a while has some good action and the characters' personal life are well explored. Sometimes some cases seems to be so simple and it becomes so big and hard to solve, that they have to go deep on the missing's person life, and it might reveals a lot of dark secrets. My favourite crime show. Simply the best! Bye.
  • OMG - The Casting in this show has gone to the dogs!

    OK...I've been a fan since the beginning and love it. But what is UP with casting? I tried to find the girls' names but couldn't in the casting but let's see - In "Wanted", Sasha Pieterse plays 13 year old Daphne Stevens who is 13. Even though Sasah is turning 13 this year, she looks 19. Compared to her little friend from school (couldn't find her name... but she looked 13 at least). It doesn't matter that Sasha is 13, it was not believable because of her appearance. I couldn't concentrate on the episode at all! Then, in the episode right after "Believe Me", we have Hayley McFarland plays 15 year old Amy Gilroy. I can't find any info on this actress online but she looked about 11. Again, I could not concentrate on this show cuz the casting was so bad. This is not the first time I notice but the first time I see back to back HORRIBLE Casting. Wake Up Casting Dept...losing interest......losing focus.
  • Great concept, great acting, well put together. Everything was great, until the endings. The show never managed to bring it all the way home. An unfortunate waste of a great opportunity that ultimately more than justified the show's cancellation.

    Let me begin by saying that there was a lot to like about this show. The cast was about as well cast as any on American television (at least mainstream television) at the time. The characters were all well developed and they played off each other wonderfully. The concept was great. There really wasn't, and isn't, anything like it on the air; a group of investigators following the last steps of a missing person(s), trying to find them. The visuals were beautiful. So where's the problem? The endings. Virtually every episode ended the exact same way, with the person(s) being found. It stills baffles me as to why CBS/Jerry Bruckheimer/Hank Steinberg didn't get this, but you simply can't construct a show, in particular this show, this way. The whole point of the show is to find out what happened to a missing person. If you already know before the episode begins that the person is going to be found, than half of the suspense ends before the episode even begins. And that is not a good thing. It would have been SO easy to just let the missing person die a few times, throw in a few more twists as to what happened to them, aka. not always let them be found. Had they done this, voila, you've got a great show. But no, they stuck to formula and it just didn't work.

    I still score this show fairly high at 7/10 because the acting, in particular Anthony LaPaglia who won a Golden Globe for his performance in this show, and the writing and overall concept were good enough that they needed to be recognized. It really is too bad that the show didn't go the little step further and become a really great show.

    Just a random side note, but I've been seeing a lot of people claiming that Roselyn Sanchez ruined the show. I completely disagree with this. I thought she did a perfectly fine job with her character.
  • Great show and gone too soon I have to say despite being thankful for seven great years. The personal and professional ups and downs of the group were always fun to watch.

    Great show and gone too soon I have to say despite being thankful for seven great years. The personal and professional ups and downs of the group were always fun to watch. Keeping the same core group was essential and even when newbie Rosalyn Sanchez came on. She was a perfect fit the producers did a great job with the cast permanent or guest. The cases were great most of the times with a great mix of sad and happy endings. The sad closure of the show was done well with a montage of missing victims from the shows history. Perfect but since the show was on the bubble and no one knew for sure it's fate. A bitter hit of reality as I sat there I knew the show was done. I'm going to miss each one of the cast who to this day have yet to show up in new programming but I'm glad that this post 911 show came along and took us on a wonderful tv journey with great memories.
  • Why was the best show on TV cancelled? Please NBC/CBS or whoever, put this show back on for all of us to enjoy!

    Why was the best show on TV cancelled? Please NBC/CBS or whoever, put this show back on for all of us to enjoy! I believe Monday-Friday at 9:00 p.m. MST will soon be available for this great show! I love the cast of characters, especially Jack Malone! I've seen a lot of junk that is still on other stations that they continue to air and I have no idea why? This is a 1st class show with 1st class actors, and I love how they find these lost individuals that keep me coming back each and every week! Please put it back on!!
  • This show is EXCELLENT - Acting could not be better! Why was this cancelled???????

    I cannot believe this show was cancelled. I just started watching it and I love it! This show is excellent!!!! Acting could not be better!!!
    Perfect follow up after watching Law & Order. This crime show was well written, easy to follow and the casting was outstanding! I wish another network would pick it up. I don't watch a lot of tv because of the ridiculous number of idiot shows on. This was a rare and refreshing find and I am sure the ratings were great. The episodes made you think and the bad guys got it in the end...don't we all like that! - Something we don't get enough of.
  • People go missing or run away and the FBI is in charge of finding them.

    Maybe not one of producer Jerry Bruckheimer's best shows, but I'll never forget the excellent first season of the show, which was probably the best, even at the time compared to that of Bruckheimer's other shows, although the show continued to have some very good episodes throughout it's lifetime. Some of the episodes are not quite as good as others and there are also some strange ones, personally I always like the ones with more action but there are also alot of touching episodes that are well worth watching. When I first started watching the show it was just getting started on it's 3rd season and at that time there was no way to find the previous seasons of show on DVD within the USA but this could have changed in the past 4 years. Enjoy!
  • One of the best shows on TV. The characters, the story lines - all first class. Easy to follow. Now we just need to get it back on the air!!!

    This was one of the best episodes of the show I've seen - it had me in tears at the end. Except for Sam's acting (which was her worse) everyone else was just incredible, especially Jack. The story line was well written and believable and the music (Hallelujah) was fabulous and so well-chosen. Does anyone out there know which version (which singer) was used on this episode. I was stunned to hear the show has been cancelled. What a damned shame. Can someone at CBS please change their mind here. I can't believe some of the garbage on the air and yet they take a show of this calibre off - it's unbelievable.
  • This crew works hard to find missing persons!

    I have been watching Without a Trace since season one and it was and still is one of my favorite shows! I am very disappointed and sad to know that this show has been canceled. The season finale was great, although I would like to see Samantha and Jack get back together agin. I think it was the right time for them, it's just that Brian got in the way. I don't know what I'll do next season since Without a Trace has been canceled. I guess I'll just be watching reruns of WaT, lol. Please Please Please Bring Back Without A Trace (WaT)!!!
  • Veteran FBI agent Jack Malone heads the New York City division of the FBI Missing Persons Unit. On each episode the viewer follows Jack and his team in action.

    "Without a Trace" was one of the better crime dramas television had to offer. I was a fan for the show's entire seven year run. Tony Award winner Anthony LaPaglia was perfectly cast as Jack Malone. Seeing him lead his team on the trail of missing persons was a thrill in and of itself. LaPaglia was not the one top notch actor on the show. He was helped by a terrific supporting cast including Eric Close, Enrique Murciano and Poppy Montgomery. The show did not handle the personal lives of the characters well, but the show was worth your time.
  • The show deserved a better ending.

    After seven seasons, this season/show finale was not what I expected qualitywise. It felt like the writers had almost given up and just threw something together. The Jack/Sam-break up wasn't a big surprise, but still sad, and the way it was handled was quite frankly terrible. "No, you go first." Bad timing, seriously? The show used to be so much more, and even though it's never really focused on the personal lives of the characters (which has been a relief, watching other shows where the personal lives completely overshadow the actual storyline), it should've given the Jack and Sam-relationship a more dignified ending. They've had a history since before the show started airing and it's been played on through seven years, so all in all I'm disappointed, but I give it a nine based on the past seasons/episodes.
  • Need some more action.

    I like this show, Is one of my favourite crime shows.I have seen all the episodes from the first season, I have not lost any, and I want to continue. I have read rumors that perhaps canceled, OMG horror, hope not, it will be very wrong not to see more episodes. One of my favorite actor is Anthony LaPaglia, has a lot of strength and character and I love her character like Jack Malone. The best.I also like the character of Sam, I think the two would make a nice couple. :) I think maybe the show needs some more action, more persecution or something like that. Anyway, is one of my favorites.
  • What a suspenseful episode about half waythrough with Martin.

    Martin goes looking for Kim Marcus who has gone into hiding from a mob hit man she is hiding in her families cabin up state, so Martin goes on his own to look for her there, he finds Kim talks to her to find out what happened, mob hit man turns up and finds them there's an explosion in the cabin Martin and Kim get out in time then martin has a shoot out with the hit man and has to fight him for his life, you couldn't have asked for more action and excitement than this what a great episode.
  • Not a bad show.

    It isn't my favorite show and it really isn't a show I enjoy watching on a regular basis. Normally, I would find most of the CBS crime shows entertaining. Not this one. I think that it is rather boring and it lacks a buzz. I don't think it is bad. I think the show has some good acting and some decent plots, but all the storylines revolve around the "lost" part and it gets tiring. You pretty much know that someone is going to go missing and either they will found or not found. Overall, it is just an okay show. Thank you.
  • Attention to detail, interesting cases, great acting, great combination of crime show and drama. And, of course, Anthony La Paglia rocks!

    I've been watching WAT since the beginning and it quickly won my heart over and became one of my very favourite shows. Seven years later this hasn't changed one single bit. Each episode is a new surprise, and needs only a couple of minutes to capture the viewer's attention and make them participate in the drama that is going on. That's the main difference between WAT and most crime shows out there, the viewer can participate emotionally in the episodes instead of just follow the case. There is the case and then there are the people, just as fragile, confused and upset as we may have been in their position. WAT is a series that focuses on characters, and human reactions. That's its strong point and it never fails to stir emotions in the viewer.

    It seems that with Jack and Samantha finally heading for a proper relationship and Jack ensuring his position in FBI once again, the producers are directing the show to a close this season. Too bad and I'm certainly going to miss it, but I'm not complaining. They let the show develop and we had 7 wonderful seasons. It will always be among my favourites.
  • My favorite crime show, and I'm a crime show junkie

    Crime shows are the best around, and since there's so many it's hard to have a favorite. I've been watching shows like Law and Order and CSI for a couple of years now and I heard about Without A Trace since a little bit ago. I decided to give it a try.

    And guess what; I HONESTLY LOVED IT! It is currently my favorite crime show and let's not forget the drama it involves. Who can resist the sexy Anthony LaPaglia and the rest of the amazing actors on the show?

    For those love crime, do not miss out on this one!
  • I for one enjoyed the MP storyline with Jack/Sam off to LA to find the missing aircraft guy.

    I thought the ending for the Rob was really sad with him walking into the sea (as he couldn't live with what he had done years earlier) very moving and l liked the piece of music which was played. Vivian keeping everyone in the loop with details of the case and Danny/Martin getting on really well. Now Jack/Sam are rekindling their personal relationship we will have to wait and see how that works out with Jack's eldest daughter Hanna coming to live with him in New York. I think this was another good episode in my opinion and look forward to next week.
  • Utterly rubbish and generic. Heart is gone from the show.

    Once Upon A Time this show was the best around. Recently though as the seasons have come and gone never have I been so bothered as to what the characters do or want.

    The show revolves around 2 people they are Jack and Samantha.

    Up to this point everything was good, Martin, Danny and Viv all got decent time but since then Jack and Sam have had more screen-time the any other character. I for one will never watch this how again as long as the producer/Writers (Jammers) don't improve other characters screen-time. Only way is down I'm afraid. Ah What could of been.
  • Please respond....HELP!!!!

    Can somebody PLEASE tell me where I can watch full episodes of Without a Trace on here! Thanks :)If I can't watch full episodes of WAT on here, will somebody pleasse tell me where I can (preferrably seasons 6 & 7). But I LOVE this show!! I hate missing it and I don't know what I would do if it was canceled!!

    My favorite seasons are 6 and 7 (so far) and I would like to watch it more than once because around here there tends to be many distractions and when I can focus on the show again....I have no idea what's going on!!
  • Malone makes it brilliant.

    "Without a Trace" has the mind of a regular tv drama and the heart of a series that connects to its audience on a most profound level through the characters presented.

    "Without a Trace" continues to impress with each episode as Malone allows the cases to get to him and takes on a very personal role in resolving them. This series seems 'too much' to watch more than a few episodes in a row, but at the same time it's the kind of series you would wait for each week. "Without a Trace" is the best of the 'crime shows' out there.
  • Without A Trace follows the lives of a group of FBI agents who have dedicated their lives to finding missing persons no matter what it takes. Carefully picked story-lines keep the action and suspense of the show rolling along.

    I began watching this show regularly a couple months ago and I haven't stopped watching since. I found all the episodes online and have been watching every episode from each season. I love the way they make every new episode as entrancing as the one before yet have a continuous storyline to keep long-term viewers interested as well.The mysteries are all unpredictable and very well presented. I am addicted to Without A Trace and I hope that I have it to keep me up at night for a long time coming. It's important to have these shows as well as all the sappy, heart-warming shows because it offers a hint of reality with the missing persons ads after the show and reminds us of the importance of people who dedicate their lives to helping people in the way they know best; finding people who have gone missing and returning them to their loved ones. Without A Trace is a fabulous show and I recommend it to people who watch any type of show.
  • A suspensing show you gotta watch.

    In New York city the Missing Persons Squad of the FBI desperatly solve cases that consists of people that have gone missing. But it's hard to fing them because they indeed left without a trace.
    The show is great as you watch what you never saw coming gets you hooked. The members of the team question relatives friends, or anyone who ties to the case, and they usually don't want to reveal. But later on they eventually discover what happened to that person whether they are alive or dead. It's a great show that you should watch for suspense. There is defenitly twists and in the end you'll be like wow!
  • Best show on TV..

    Without a trace is a crime drama based around the New York FBI Missing Person's unit and focusses on the team headed by Jack Malone. There are a total of 6 members and through each episde we see them working together to find the individual who has gone missing. In many episodes we see the personal lives of the team which plays a large part in how the cases influence them. Without a trace is a great show with a great cast and inventive storlyines. The writers have done a great job by showing many different scenarios in which people can go missing. This is one show I shall never stop watching! Absolutely love it!
  • Great Show and im going to buy all the seasons on Dvd.

    If you really want to watch a show when your bored. You should really watch Without a Trace it leaves you on the edge of your seat. I didnt think i would even like the show, but once i watched an episode i got hooked. I love all the characters and not just one. If i had to pick my favorite character tho it would have to be Poppy Montgomery's character Samantha Spade. She does a great job in the show along side Anthony Lapalia and the rest of the cast.All the episodes so far are Great. Hopefully they wont end it anytime soon.
  • Probably the best crime show out there.

    I hate shows like Law & Order that just get boring after a while. After a while you feel like nothing is ever accomplished. That's not the case in "Without a Trace." Firstly, there's action in this show. It may not be too much, but when there is action it's extremely well done. I also think it's some of the best acting I've ever seen on the telly , especially from Eric Close, one of the FBI agents. Many people say they feel that the cases become repetitive and dull, but I believe the show does an excellent job at keeping the show fresh, and I'm always hyped about the next episode.
  • The missing persons squad is the focus. People go missing, and they work hard to find them.

    Without a trace is one of my personal favovites. The fist episode I saw was when a little boy went missing at a fruit market. I was hooked when I first started watching it. All the cases so far have been great. The only bad thing is if you start watching it you cant stop! Theres so many twists and turns, you cant stop watching or else you will never know who did it. The only character I don't really like is Agent Spade. She is a little to 'I'm better than you' Type for me. So, I was happy when she was stuck at her desk for a while. Over all great show.
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