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  • It's nice to have a show with some happy ending's!

    I quite like the fact that they often get the person that is missing.

    It's nice when surrounded by so many shows that have always people dying at the end or dying all the the way through, and what not, to have a show that someone lives.

    It give's a little hope in this strange ole world.

    I like the twist's in this show. They always have very strange case's and show good detective work. One thing is you can't really guess who killed who. Unlike other show's that shows or tells you about suspects earlier in the programme it just kind of happens as they go along.

    Hmm not a firm favourite but I enjoy it :]
  • The amazing team of FBI agents, collaborating evidence in a race against the clock to find missing victims once they have disappeared. It's a quite the thriller.

    I just love how the show contributes to the greater good. Finding the lost individuals of families, to give them a sense of closure and keep them at ease. Also, much like CSI, the majority of these specific events don't usually occur in real life (especially not where I live, in Canada) but the general idea of it all does happen. People DO go missing, and when they do, there are people who have devoted their lives to finding them. That's what keeps me coming back to this series week after week.
  • I cant put this down..

    I never would have thought htat something like this would work for this long. A show about the FBI\'s Missing Person Division in NY. I first came across the show during season one. I liked the it. the whole concept and the originality of the ideas in which the show was filmed. Now, 4 years/5 years for some down the line. And the show is going strong, Each case a different challenge, not only for the agents but for the families that surround them. Moralities and Personalities clash and the flames of romance flicker. Another case, another day.. What ever life throws at Jack and his team they take it, one punch at a time. Great viewing for someone looking for something other than the age old cop drama.
  • In the dark was a departure from the excellent story line Without A Trace usually provides. What\'s with all the inside the charaters\' lives? Concentrate on the show.

    In The Dark was a departure from the excellent story line Without A Trace usually provides. It would be better to concentrate on the missing than to bring too much of the characters’ personal lives into the show. A sampling is all we need. It wasn’t necessary to have Sam and Martin appear in bed together, a slight suggestion was all that was needed. Why show everything and leave nothing to the imagination. Sam inviting Martin to share a cab was enough. Also, is there a reason why people have to have sex before marriage? What example does this show the younger adults that watch the show? Keep to the main point – Without a Trace. Let’s find the missing and not find everyone else in bed with each other.
  • Anthony Lapaglia is Jack Malone. Poppy Montgomery is Samantha Spade. Marianne Jean Babtiste is Vivian Johnson. Enrique Murciano is Danny Taylor. Rosalyn Sanchez is Elena Delgado and Eric Close is Martin Fitzgerald.

    I think without a trace is a really good show for peolpe who want to continue their lives in the FBI. Many kids dream of becoming a special agent because of this show. It is very usefull to people because it has lots of realistic information and how the real FBI handles missing ersons cases. The team on without a trace use the method, find out who the person is to find out where the person is. It is a fast-paced procedural drama about the FBI missing persons unit. The show aires Sundays on CBS 10/9 c.
  • shhhhh... No one needs to know

    When this show first came on, I was completely obsessed form the first episode. of course, when this show first came on, I wasn't aloud to stay up late enough to watch it ;). (No one tell my mom!). But I would sneak out every night after my mom went to bed to watch it. Now I can stay up and watch it, which is great because now i don't have to shove my face to the TV to hear. But still. This show = serious addiction. I can tell you for sure, I will be watching this show for a very long time.
  • MIdly Interesting

    I love this show, well I loved this show, I still like it but thats about it. The first season was great, and the second season was even better, and the third season was even better than that, but......... The fourth season was ok and at the end of the fourth season it took a turn for the worst at least for me. Im not to much digging the new chatacter or the lady that Jack is dating. I like how it was before with, Jack , Bev, Sammantha, Martin, and Eric, With that said I give the show a 8 when before the fourth season I would have given it a 10., and with that said I stil watch the show and will continue to watch it.
  • Sorta of twist about a mentally ill girl that supposedly is exorcised and then goes missing and we end finding out alot more to her life than we think.

    I was really happy with the episode from last week. I just watched it on my dvr and I thought it was really good, totally not what I expected...I really liked it and I am desperetly looking for the name of the song played when the cop found the girl...does anyone know???
  • Without a Trace is the best show in the history of tv!

    Oh,where do start.This show is the bomb!I love all the
    charecters are awsome.Jack,the strong leader with the sad past.Vivian,the hard cop.Martin,the rookie.Danny,the clown.And Samantha,another hard agent.Gosh,is there nothing about this show that not great?This show makes everyone I know cry but me.Weird.And the writing of the eps is very skillful.I do not know many shows that have such good writing.It's so realistic it makes you think it's a high-rated FBI reality show.I own season one on DVD and I watched the whole season in a week.Addiction is good I guess.I still watch the re-runs on TNT.I hope the show goes on twenty seasons.
  • This is the most corrupt police show that is on the air. (worese the "The shield")

    Malone is a complete basket case and a nut case. He seems to be in his own world.
    Samantha talks like she is a robot, her voice is something else.
    Vivian talks like she is straining when she talks. She acts like a lap dog for everything malone wants done dont; seem to be able to think for herseth.
    The other two men on the does what malone tells them do also.

    They are always threating people with what they can have done to them. You can make at lease like has some real police work in it.
  • I am very pleased with all of the showes, i haved watched, i thing you have a great thing going, and, jack is a very attractive man, he makes the show. Keep the good work. A total fan of this great show. The very first show that i saw, i love it.

    This is the best show, that i have seen in a long tine, it keeps you on the edge of your seat, and i realize that this could happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. I love the idea that, all of the carectors work together as a team, they all belong together. I really dont have anything bad to say, because, i love everything and evey episode that i have seen. I hope that this show is on for a very long time, A very big, big fan. Keep up the great work. miss T.
  • my mom loves this show but I don't; If it makes my mom happy then it deserves a 10!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome show ! ! ! ! The best drama series ever! Jack is my hero!! Awesome show! Never miss an episode!!! Release season 2, 3, 4. It should b on TNT four hours a night every night, not just wednesday. episodes you can relate too! My favorite night is Sunday night at 9pm! The best drama series ever! Incredible acting! Watching Without a Trace is better than going to the movies! Should have commercial free episodes, with encore presentations every night! Wish it was on for two hours instead of only one! Hope this show goes on forever like Law and Order SVU!
  • Great, excellent acting and writing, stories you can get into!!

    I like this show, it's very entertaining, and exciting, the cases this season seem to be a little more risque than previous episodes, but I do like this show because there's sometimes twisted things that happen to people. It's show where you can feel for the characters and a show where you can feel for the victims of these situations. The people in the show have a great chemistry. The show seems to work well and has happy endings most of the time. It's a show where you're not guilty to watch it. And, if W.A.T. works better on Sundays then good, keep it there.
  • Without a trace is the best show ever!

    Without a trace is a great and exciting show.It is one of my favorite shows. I am allways looking forward to the next episode, and enjoy watching repeats. I like the suspense and fast pace of the show and knowing it won't allways have a happy ending. Most of the stories are very well written and the acting is really good. I especially like the very end where they take down the missing person's picture.
  • Where has this been all my life?

    Wow, i can not believe this show has been on for about four years, yet i just found it yesterday. I have only seen one episode and it was fabulous, who could hate it? My mom does. Without a trace is about people going missing and a team ( i think they are on the FBI) go and find those people. This show may not always have happy endings, but it has wonderful beginnings, middles, and whether it be sad or happy, endings. I personally love this show and never want to stop watching it, since it has all the cool things. If you know what i mean.
  • Without A Trace is by far one of the best crime shows on TV!

    As a long time fan of Without A Trace I find the show to be absolutely fabulous! Anthony LaPaglia is a strong and incredible actor! The show is full of great talent,but he's my favorite! I will miss it being on Thursdays,but will definately be sure to watch on it's new night Sundays! This show has left me gasping for air more times then I can count! It would drive me nuts when it would end a few times to be continued! This is one show that is very easy to get hooked on and not be able to get enough of! Can't wait to crawl under the blanket to see the next new episode!
  • Truly an amazing show. This is wonderful. I truly appreciate it\'s wonders.

    Truly an amazing show. This is wonderful. I truly appreciate it\'s wonders. What a fantastic show. I don\'t know what else do say about it, but for some reaosn I really like it. Some of the episodes are a bit violent, but most of them are fine. I\'d even let my child watch most of them (if I had one, but alas, I\'m only 14.) Anyways, great show. I really enjoy it. YAY Without a Trace! I watch it whenever I have a chance. Wish I had tivo so i can tape it but no such luck. Oh well who cares.
  • I would like to think that there really exists such a conscientious police body that tirelessly searches for the missing without having to wait.

    Most law enforcement agencies require a 24-48 hour wait before opening a file on a missing person -- absent a ransom demand or evidence of an abduction. There is good reason for this as most MP's turn out to be missing of their own accord.
    For the purpose of suspenseful and meaningful plotlines, such arbitrary delays do not apply to the heroes of this series. In one episode I saw, FBI agents were already on the scene 3 hours after disappearance.
    My second beef with the realism of this series is in the selection of cases. A missing inmate and a private school student come to mind as being the responsibility of other agencies.
    My third criticism with the show is that it simply does not jibe with today's FBI. Dedicating 5 agents and a supervisor to each MP that the squad is assigned does not seem to fit with the new mandate of the FBI to focus on countermanding terrorism.
    Now, all negatives aside, I really do like how this series works. Good writing, unpredictable plotlines, and well-acted characters that get you to like them (although I've not yet seen Sanchez -- only up to Feb '06), all contribute to a quality series. The producers have also done their part by making sure that every show does not have a happy ending; they are not afraid to sacrifice a victim that the viewers might have expected to be found safe.
    CBS must also have confidence that this show can stand on its own. This season, it will no longer have its cushy spot behind CSI. I think it will still do well.
    Even if there isn't a real FBI Missing Persons squad, this show makes you wish there was one.
  • One word: Fabulous

    Without a Trace is actually one of the shows that I just started watching. I decided to try it and see if it was good because I thought it might be something that I liked from seeing some clips. As soon as I started watching it I was hooked. This has become my all time favorite show(besides Charmed) and I would recommend it to anyone who likes criminal dramas. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat because you never know if they are going to find them, or if the do find them, if they will be dead or alive.All together I give it a 10/10 and two thumbs way up.
  • Great Show!

    I really love this show.

    The weird thing is that everytime I see Jack Malone, I only can see him as Simon, Daphne Moon's brother on Frasier.

    I like how they can have their own conflicts between them or ones at home, but yet they know they have a job to do and they do not let the problems get in the way of investigating.

    I do not have one particular episode I like, there are too many.

    I'm always sad when they missing person has been killed somehow.

    It's always a better thing when they can take the pic down knowing the person is safe.

  • The best quirky dramas ever! It's about Missing Persons Squad of the FBI. Their special task is to find the missing persons by getting witnesses about the disappearance. They get more information of the timeline they disappeared.

    I started watching it when it began on September 2002. The drama will be in its fifth season on a new night, which is on Sundays at 10pm slot. I can't wait to see it on a new night. It's a very interesting drama. I like the public service announcements say "If you see this missing person, please call the FBI or FBI.gov." This is better than the "X Files".
  • my favorite show for sureee

    Without A Trace is one of the best shows on. They did such a good job casting on this show. Anthong Poppy Enrique Marianne and Eric are perfect for the show. The writers do such a good job keep guessing the whole episode. The show doesn't show much of the character's persoanl lives as much as some people would like to see but that just keeps you wondering about the characters. The season finales are always very exciting. The tension between Jack Sam and Martin is great. Very realistic show with really neat cases to watch. Without A Trace is a must see :P.
  • A great show.

    A great show. Smart, interesting and complex. The story lines are great and the way the episodes flow is fun to watch. I love the way everyone mixes with one another on the show, but I've had a hard time watching at times during season 4. This is not because they were lacking in story lines or dialouge, but because I CAN'T STAND STINKIN ELENA!!! She is sooo obnoxious and I wish she would go away. My entire family watches this show and we all agree that it would be a much better show without Elena and her annoying mannerisms. Other than her, though, a very good show.
  • Awesome!!!

    It was an awesome show all year. I just can't get enough of it. I even started getting into the repeats that have been on. I love the interaction inbetween all the charactors. i just can't wait till next season comes around.
    I also like whats happening in the storyline, all the missing people stories are just getting better every episode. I also loved the season finale, I think is makes you want to watch the next season.
    This is just one of the many great show I love to watch in the morning with my sister. Just can't wait!!
  • A good procedural drama. Great actors.

    From its start, Without a Trace had been one of my favorite shows. Is a different procedural show, instead of looking for murders they are looking for people who are missing. Sometimes they turn to be dead but others not.

    It's well written and is full with very good actors who are the responsible for making us believe what we are seeing.

    Every season it looks better and better for me. The stories had become more interesting and the writers had let us know the personal lives of our heroes too (and that's always welcomed for me) as the actors are now more comfortable with the characters they are playing and give us better performances.

    I just would love that the writers could for once finish the story about a main character. They give us some information (like Jack and his daughters or Martin’s addiction) and leave us hanging… that I can’t stand.
  • A police procedure unlike the others...Find the missing person before time runs out...

    I love Without a Trace, but I think the best reason is because there is very little cross-story...you can watch the shows out of order without missing much, kind of like Law and Order...because there is very little back-story about the characters, you can watch the reruns or the new shows without getting confused or thinking that you missed something.
    This is a good show, because the FBI agents really care about finding the missing person, and it is obvious, from the time stamp at the beginning of each scene, that they work a lot of overtime, working deep into the middle of the night.
  • Compelling and dramatic.

    Without a Trace definitely has the stylistic overtones of CSI but with more empasis on personalities and theories. The cast is well-played and the characters are interesting. I would like to see more development into their back stories and their lives, but overall the segments you do see are well thought out and interesting.

    The show keeps you on the edge of your seat with revelations and constant reminders to the urgency of the case. They frequently update the audience with "X hours missing" notations as they work through a timeline of the hours/days/weeks/months before the disappearance (DBD).

    A good show.
  • A good show.

    In my opinion this is a very good show. I really like all the characters. My favorite character is Samantha Spade. It is a good show and I have been addicted since my first episode. Even though this is a good show, there is one thing I hate about it, Roselyn Sanchez. Please make her leave. It just seems like she doesn't belong there. But overall this is one of my favorite shows!!!
  • stuff

    I do not really like this show. It is okay to watch every one in a while, but I am not that into. It's okay to watch every once in a while when I am board. This show, Without a Trace, is not really my type of show, so I guess that is why I do not really enjoy it that much. I am WAY more into the comedic type of show, not this whole detective something or other show, or what ever it really is. I do not really know what this show is about that very much, because I've only seen one episode.
  • People who vanish without a trace

    Without a Trace is a show about the New York Missing Persons Squad of the FBI. When someone is reported missing it is their job to find them and find out what happened. They have the technology and the brains to get the job done. They dig deeper into every case until they find the clue they were missing to find the person. Sometimes the person is kidnapped, murdered, or just leaves of their own free will. They reconstruct a timeline of events from the time the person was reported missing. Nothing is over looked. They look into the facts of the persons life and background so they could figure out where they might be. Every case is solved.
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