Without a Trace

CBS (ended 2009)





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  • Without A Trace follows the lives of a group of FBI agents who have dedicated their lives to finding missing persons no matter what it takes. Carefully picked story-lines keep the action and suspense of the show rolling along.

    I began watching this show regularly a couple months ago and I haven't stopped watching since. I found all the episodes online and have been watching every episode from each season. I love the way they make every new episode as entrancing as the one before yet have a continuous storyline to keep long-term viewers interested as well.The mysteries are all unpredictable and very well presented. I am addicted to Without A Trace and I hope that I have it to keep me up at night for a long time coming. It's important to have these shows as well as all the sappy, heart-warming shows because it offers a hint of reality with the missing persons ads after the show and reminds us of the importance of people who dedicate their lives to helping people in the way they know best; finding people who have gone missing and returning them to their loved ones. Without A Trace is a fabulous show and I recommend it to people who watch any type of show.