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CBS (ended 2009)





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  • OMG - The Casting in this show has gone to the dogs!

    OK...I've been a fan since the beginning and love it. But what is UP with casting? I tried to find the girls' names but couldn't in the casting but let's see - In "Wanted", Sasha Pieterse plays 13 year old Daphne Stevens who is 13. Even though Sasah is turning 13 this year, she looks 19. Compared to her little friend from school (couldn't find her name... but she looked 13 at least). It doesn't matter that Sasha is 13, it was not believable because of her appearance. I couldn't concentrate on the episode at all! Then, in the episode right after "Believe Me", we have Hayley McFarland plays 15 year old Amy Gilroy. I can't find any info on this actress online but she looked about 11. Again, I could not concentrate on this show cuz the casting was so bad. This is not the first time I notice but the first time I see back to back HORRIBLE Casting. Wake Up Casting Dept...losing interest......losing focus.