Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 5

Rise and Fall

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on CBS

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  • An amazing episode

    In this episode of Without a Trace, the following happens. The team are called in when a victim's advocate goes missing, her name is Arianna. We quickly learn from one of her friends that she saw her mother being stabbed to death by her boyfriend when she was ten years old. During this case a little girl by the name of Madeline Rose, and the team re quickly moved onto this case. We learn that Madeline was in a shopping mall and was with her older sister when she was taken. Her sister was playing her DS and when she turned back, Madeline was gone. We learn that 3 other little girls have been taken by this man, as the MO matches. We also learn that they die on the same day on which they were taken. The team quickly find the car in which she was taken in and discover one of her yellow shoes in the back of it. We soon discover that a cop pulled over the killer and let him go. Madeline was in the front of the car and he claimed that she was his daughter. In the Arianna case we learn that it was the women who see met the night before lied about what happened to her and it was her daughter's boyfriend who killed her brother and sister in-law. Arianna calls the woman, so we know that she was still alive. The man who abducted Madeline's brother is called in for questioning. We then learn that Arianna's body has been found, she bleeds to death after a blunder force trauma to her head. The team get a clue about where little Madeline maybe and head straight there. They soon spot him and he start shooting at them. They manage to hit him. They open the boot of his car and discover Madeline there.....alive. At the end of the episode we learn that the new boss is leaving and that Jack will be back in charge soon.
  • Jack is finally back!

    Finally Jack is back in his rightful place. And that we have missed him being there. I think that Steven Weber, though a great actor, and definately not his fault barnone. Glad that he is gone and that he gave both Jack and his team a pretty hard time. After he saw how Jack and his team do things around there. He is back in DC. Meanwhile, glad Eric Close is developing as his character. No longer the lightweight that he was portrayed to be. But has since stepped up to the plate. Which he shined in this episode. Glad now that Jack is finally back!
  • I sm torn between being overwhelmed by the intensity of the story to being disgusted!!

    And that is the dilemma - I am overwhelmed because the storylines were so fantastically written and acted - spinning us from corner to corner, tempting us to believe in the obvious when it is so wrong to do so. The story showed how right Jack is for the job because there are times that you cannot be PC if a person's life depends on it! It showed us how dirty people will play in order to get a glorious promotion - putting a high profile child case over that of a lesbian case worker. Both deserved to be priority and the fact that TWO promotions were obtained at the expense of a dead woman should sicken us to our stomachs because you cannot tell me that it does not happen for real! And shame on those who allow it to!

    My disgust ... well probably more shock and dismay ... that the writers chose to have a little girl kidnapped and call her Maddie ... so soon after the British girl Maddie was kidnapped in Portugal. It was if they were saying that if the FBI had taken the case that UK Maddie would have been saved. I trust that was not the intention ... because if there was the slightest possibility ... that would sicken me even further! And let's not forget that this programme is shown and loved in the UK ... so I believe the writers should have checked their facts before embarking on this storyline ... no matter how masterfully it was played out.

    Will I stop watching the show ... of course not! How can you stop watching something that brings out talent from so many areas? I am however disappointed.
  • Clark Medina has the team investigating the disappearance of a young woman when a four year-old girl is kidnapped from a mall. Medina tells the team to forget about the woman, but Martin protests and continues the investigation alone.

    Definitely the best episode of the season so far. As is the case with "Numb3rs," I'm very happy things are back to normal and Jack is back where he belongs as head of the unit. Though I did not care for Steven Weber on this show and am happy he is gone, I will admit that his scenes with Anthony LaPaglia were all very well written and entertaining. Also, Weber's time on the show gave Eric Close a chance to show how good an actor he is. He gives a terrific performance in this episode as well. Just great entertainment.
  • While working a child kidnapping case, Clark Medina finally sees field agent work through Jack's eyes and realizes it's time for him to return to Washington and return the team to Jack's control.

    As with most episodes of Without A Trace, this is yet another fine example of why this show is so good and while it consistently shows up in the Top 20 TV shows week in and week out.

    The team is working on a missing persons case when a little girl is kidnapped from a local mall. The team must now work 2 cases at the same time, spreading everyone very thin, although Martin is left in charge of working their original case while everyone else starts to work on the kidnapped little girl's case. Clark Medina (guest start Steven Webber) takes the lead in the kidnapping case, probably because it is more high profile, and is forced to make crucial decisions, and make them quickly, realizing the pressures of being the one in charge. Medina finally understands the pressure and the implications of making a wrong decision and how just one wrong move can adversely affect the outcome of a case. During the course of the case, Medina finally sees things from Jack's point of view, understanding that sometimes it is simply not possible, or effective, to follow the rules and that sometimes in a case, decisions have to be made to solve the case that might go against the "company policy". Medina's character has been very judgmental of Jack and some of the decisions he's made in the past, decisions that have resulted in the solving of the case but have also resulted in Jack getting in trouble, yet again. Medina and his usual "tow the company line and always follow the rules" standpoint would have resulted in the little girl's death and he finally realized the Jack IS an excellent agent, even if he occasionally 'goes rogue' and does whatever he must to affect a positive outcome. Once the case concludes with the little girl being found alive, thanks to Medina's turning a blind eye when he knows Jack is going to 'interrogate' a suspect in a way that falls off the FBI's rulebook, Medina realizes field agent work is not his forte. Steven Webber was excellent in this episode, particularly at the end when he is talking to Jack in his office - we finally see that Medina is human and does actually have emotion as it is clear this little girl's kidnapping, although resolved successfully, has taken a real toll on him. While he doesn't just come out and admit he may have prejudged Jack, or judged him unfairly, it is clear that is what he is thinking. Medina tells Jack he is heading back to Washington where he hopes to get the Asst. Deputy Director's job, and leaves Jack once again in charge.
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