Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2004 on CBS

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  • 4 years...

    They are looking for a woman who got missing 4 years ago.. Vivian has not given up on that case and when a fingerprint is found.. the search continues and this time they got into the bottom of it but that is not easy - trough anonymous support group, bar owner, a cult.. to the happy life where she escaped. I really liked the story and it was so moving and beautiful - you just think.. after all those years - she has to be dead but no.. she had hard time, got bad places but she managed.. find the strength she lacked and figured out the reasons what haunted her..

    Well written and portrayed
  • Very good writing!

    This was a very well written episode . I really enjoyed everything about it ! It really showed a softer side of Vivian and it was very interesting as the episode went on . I did not like the ending though , Vivian should have gotten to talk to Jessica , or it should of at least shown the mom talking to her daughter after all those years . I really like the way the episode was set up and it was nice after awhile of the usual set up . I really can not wait until the next episode !
  • An old unsolved case suddenly comes to the fore.

    A lovely episode, very moving and full of character.

    A girl that disappeared four years ago; Vivian checking for fingerprints in the system every so often and suddenly she turns up. Still missing, but enough evidence to get the team looking again.

    Kirstie Alley is the mother, not the best role model, believing her daughter was abused by a family friend when she was 16. This is at the time that Kirstie had piled on the weight so was unable, because of the fickle nature of Hollywood et al, to get major roles. But in one sense she is able to show just what a good actress she is, because it's not just about the eye candy kind of role.

    Daughter turns out to have been something of a sex addict, for reasons that become clear later. In an attempt to run from her problems she found a sanctuary with a 'cult' that turned out not to be as helpful as she'd hoped, given that the main guy liked to seduce the young girls in his care.

    It's good to see Vivian's character given some more screen time. She's a very empathetic character. I'm not sure she could complete an obstacle course at Quantico, but I'm not sure Jack could either! Even so, she makes a good, down to earth agent.

    The ending is just right - everything is wound up, but not in a neat little ribbon, more of a quickly sellotaped package. But it works and feels appropriate.