Without a Trace

Season 6 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 15, 2008 on CBS

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  • A new beginning...

    Season 6 has probably not been the finest one.

    I've always thought that WAT was good at telling investigation stories but very bad at dealing with the relationships between the characters.

    That was even more true this year.

    I'm a big fan of Sam & Martin. We haven't even seen her announcing him that she was pregnant!
    And then, when everyone knows it is as if he doesn't seem to care.

    In the season finale it's obvious she's in pain and yet he doesn't ask any questions... She relies on an agent we don't even know!

    Finally Jack is the only one to go to see her at the hospital. And here we go again! I don't like where this is going. They are not meant to be together.

    Jack is too selfish, too old... and is getting tired. He's gone too far with his knight attitude...
    He's sent back on the street. Good, he deserved it.

    Danny is probably the one who turned him in. He was right. Vivian can do the job. Jack is always jeopardizing the team.

    I'd like to know how Elena will react when she hears what Danny has done. Well, if we see anything between them since their relationship has been completely absent the whole season. That's my point: WAT writers are not good at involving their characters. If it's not what they want, then they shouldn't start and just stick to the cases so we wouldn't expect anything.

    A few words about the case: that was quite a good one. 4 people missing at the same time, very new. Even though the sex predator thing is recurrent in WAT.

    Still, I look forward to next season to see how Jack will do back on the streets, far from the missing persons unit. How will his ex-partners react to him leaving? Hope Viv will get the job. I also hope that relationships will be back in the game!

    PS: I scored 8 because Jack is punished and Sam has her baby... :)
  • A Jack/Sam filled episode.

    This episode opens with Sam in the baby's nursery. She looks in the cot and smiles as she leaves for work. We then switch scenes to a coffee shop, a man walks in and then we see everyone vanish without a trace. The team learn that he made them all walk out the back door (this is confirmed when the CCTV checked). Everyone is being called into OPR to talk about Jack. Slowly the team are identifying each victim. The team discover one of the victim's identities and his wife is called in. She thinks that he is cheating on her. The team learn that he used got to a motel and he would met a woman there called Mary who turns out to be another one the missing people from the coffee shop. Julian and Mary were in collage together. They talked about a man named Steven.

    Their cell phones were both roaming in Buffalo at the same time. A partical match was found at the cafe. They track down the man who print they found and discover he was an ex-Marshall. The team that Steven was his step-son and he committed suicide. It comes out that Mary, Julian and Steven all went to camp together in 1996, and Steven was abused by the swimming instructor at the camp. OPR has made a decision about Jack; he's going back on the street. Jack is told he has a week to clear his office. The swimming instructor was Bruce Matthews who actually is Dan, one of the kidnap victims. Sam stops an agent and he takes her to the hospital to have the baby. When she gets there she is asked if they should call anyone for her she says no. The team go to camp Woodford and they find the kidnap victims there. Some aren't there so the team go to finds them. We see that Mary has been shot. They find Bob and the abuser together and Viv shots Bob and saves abuser.

    Jack notices another agent on Sam's desk, he asks her where she is and he soon discovers that she is in the hospital. He then gets to the hospital to see her and the baby. The end scene is amazing for us Jack/Sam fans. Especially when he tells her she doesn't have to do it alone any more.
  • Five people disappear from a coffee shop all from something that had happened years Before.

    We find out that Julian and Mary went to summer camp in 1996 when they were teenagers so they new each other from there and have met each other now as adults, something happened to Julian and another boy his childhood friend Steven at the summer camp, Julian met up with Mary to ask her for her help to let it all come out in the open, from all thoughs years ago as nothing was done about it so I presume the coffee shop was the meeting place for everybody to meet and talk about it all but Bob Clifford Stevens father who was one of them in the coffee shop had other ideas and took them to the summer camp, to talk to them all and find out what had happened there years ago to his son. Jack and the team find them. I liked the storyline of five people disappearing instead of the one or two people it was different, perhaps they will do some more of that sort of thing in the future.

    Jack goes to see the psychiatrist she asks how he's got on at the opr investigation and that did you defend yourself at all! Jack said no not really, psychiatrist said so when the opr investigator asked you why you went to get Joanna long yourself you said, I don't know! She said why I don't know to Jack probably meaning that he could have said something better than that, and then jack said I don't think I should have to defend myself then he says and your point is? The psychiatrist she says I don't know? She said exactly what jack said in the opr investigation, I think she's made her point to jack that what a stupid remark that he said at the opr investigation and that he could have presented himself in a better way, instead of saying I don't know wasn't a very good answer. This scene made me Lough a little I think the psychiatrist was trying to
    be a bit sarcastic with Jack; hope she will be in some more episodes next season. Viv, Sam, Martin, Danny, Elena were all nerves about the opr investigation interview and didn't want to talk about jack they all made some excuse to try and get out of it and make the interview quick and short as possible. Alex one of Jacks bosses catches up with Jack to talked to him about what they are going to do with him Alex said that they have made a decision and that they have decided that he is to step down as head of the unit and that he's going back on the street. (Shock horror of it all I cant believe it) thought they might have given him a suspension for a while but not that. Should be interesting to see where they go with this for the next season. A nice ending Sams had her baby Jack found out where Sam went and went to visit her arrr you see Jack holding the baby that's cute. I love without a trace I think it is a great show hope it stays to at least to season 9 to 10.its one of the best shows around. All the team are great.