Without a Trace - Season 1

CBS (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Fall Out (2)
    Episode 23
    The team tries to plot a strategy after they find out that Samantha has been shot and might be critically injured in a hostage crisis situation. Jack makes a deal with Barry so that Sam can get help: Jack goes in there and takes Sam's place.
  • Fallout: Part 1
    Episode 22
    In part one of a two-part season finale, Jack and his team search for an office worker, Sydney Harrison (recurring guest star MARSHA DIETLEIN BENNET), who disappeared from her building. Within hours of Sydney going missing, her employers receive a ransom note via e-mail demanding $50,000. The kidnapper is identified as Barry Mashburn (recurring guest star TOM IRWIN), the husband of Sydney's former assistant, who died in the company's World Trade Center office during the terrorist attack. After a plan for the ransom exchange is devised, with Samantha undercover at the location, everything seems to be going well until Mashburn panics and turns the kidnapping into a volatile hostage crisis. Part 1 of 2moreless
  • 5/1/03
    Jack's methods in the investigation of child molester could result in the case being kicked out of court. Then, on top of that, the Office of Professional Responsibility decides to investigate the team, but their real target is Jack.
  • No Mas
    Episode 20
    The team find themselves up against the ropes as multiple mysteries arise in the case of a boxer. Dante Jones disappears moments before a bout with a $500,000 purse that could have made him a title contender. Jack suspects it's a stunt, but Vivian, a Jones fan, can't believe that the charity-loving, straight-arrow fighter would go down that low road. The search goes in a new direction when his younger brother, whom he is always bailing out of trouble, vanishes. Then it's learned he has made 2 million dollars in the past five years,but he only has $6000 in his bank account.moreless
  • 4/10/03
    They search for a young high-school teacher who disappeared after a night class in the Bronx, turning up contradictory information about the subject. They soon find out that he is having a relationship with a student at his school.
  • The Source
    Episode 18
    Delia, a television reporter, disappears in the middle of the investigation of a nightclub owner who is a suspected drug dealer. They also discover that Delia was working on the case of a murderer on death row whom she thought was innocent, and who might be linked to an assistant district attorney working with Jack on the case.moreless
  • Kam Li
    Episode 17
    They search for a retired U.S. Army officer who has disappeared right after a dinner that was given in his honor by former members of his Vietnam platoon.
  • Clare de Lune
    Episode 16
    A girl vanishes from a psychiatric hospital, and it appears she may have escaped via help from a staff member. Then the team learns of a troubling incident from her past that may hold the key to her disappearance.
  • 2/20/03
    A bride disappears at her own wedding and suspicions of kidnapping. Meanwhile, the team explores the relationship between the newlyweds, who lived together for a little while.
  • The Friendly Skies
    Episode 14
    The team investigates the disappearance of a flight attendant who may have been having a relationship with one of the pilots. They soon discover her car with blood and a knotted stocking in it. Eventually the team is forced to use untraditional methods to find the truth behind her disappearance.
  • Hang On to Me
    Episode 13
    Chet Collins has been searching for his son since the boy was kidnapped four years earlier on a camping trip, and is the one case that Jack has never been able to forget. When Chet disappears, leaving behind only his wedding ring and the mountains of debt he had accumulated in his search, Jack will go to any lengths to find Collins and save him from himself.moreless
  • 1/16/03
    Jack and the team search for a pregnant woman, Kathy Dobson, who disappears from a hospital before being told that she has serious complications. As the detectives race against time to find Kathy, their investigation gradually reveals that Kathy's seemingly happy life actually hasn't been going very well. She is eight-and-a-half months pregnant and, under the tight control of her husband Paul, has withdrawn from her family and friends. Paul's brother Ritchie, who has been following Kathy and providing Paul with addresses she visits, lists a woman who may be affiliated with an "underground railroad" that helps battered women. When the team members find the woman, they learn that she has been assaulted by Paul—but she still refuses to lead them to Kathy.moreless
  • Maple Street
    Episode 11
    Annie Miller disappears on her way to school. The group looks into her disappearance, with their suspects ranging from the local mayor, to Annie's godfather, all the way to a young man working for the father of her best friend. Twenty-four hours after Annie's disappearance, her best friend Siobhan Arintero also vanishes, leaving only a collection of videos to help find the two girls.moreless
  • Midnight Sun
    Episode 10
    When a man leaves his home in the morning with his daughter to take her to school and open his dry-cleaning store, both of them never make it their destinations .
  • In Extremis
    Episode 9
    A doctor of Saudi Arabian descent with an exemplary record mysteriously vanishes, and Martin is quick to think that he is a terrorist.
  • Little Big Man
    Episode 8
    Jack and the team search for teenager William Hope, who goes missing in a very bad neighborhood after a confrontation with a local bully. Considered a good kid, William was living in a foster home after 18 months on the street and seemed destined for a better life when he disappeared. The squad discovers that his older brother Aaron, recently released from juvenile hall, visited William, despite the fact that his foster family forbade Aaron from being in their home. Jack and the others then learn that William was seen getting into a car with Aaron immediately prior to disappearing, and they fear that the good kid may have gone bad.moreless
  • Snatch Back
    Episode 7
    The 2-year-old daughter of an old friend of Jack's, A.D.A. Angela Buckman, disappears from a parkwhile being cared for. Usually the team sets up a timeline and tracks the victim's whereabouts as evidence comes in, filling in pieces of the mystery as they go. But here, Jack and his agents have no clue what happened to the child beyond her swift disappearance.moreless
  • Silent Partner
    Episode 6
    The team investigate the disappearance of the vice president of an investment-banking firm who vanished at a San Diego airport and left behind his two empty suitcases behind in the airport.
  • Suspect
    Episode 5
    17-year-old Andy Deaver vanishes from his private boarding school campus. Suspicion quickly turns to charismatic school headmaster Graham Spaulding, the last person to see Andy before he disappeared. As the team struggles to get evidence against the headmaster, Jack in particular is forced to pit his mind against Spaulding's in the race to find Andy before it is too late.moreless
  • Between the Cracks
    Episode 4
    The team investigates the disappearance of a 19-year-old model who left a half-packed suitcase on the bed in her apartment.
  • He Saw, She Saw
    Episode 3
    Four different witnesses claim that a woman was abducted from a mall parking lot while her husband was standing just yards away with his back turned to her. The team starts to suspect that her husband had something to do with her abduction.
  • Birthday Boy
    Episode 2
    For his eleventh birthday, Gabe Freedman is going to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium with his father. When the two get separated at the subway station, Bob is convinced he will meet up with his son at the next station, or at the park itself. After being unsuccessful in locating his son, Bob calls in the team who is convinced that the boy was abducted until evidence leads them to believe that Gabe may have run off on purpose.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Missing Persons Squad have to solve the case of a 28-year-old female marketing executive who appears to have simply walked away from every thing in her life, having left everything of hers behind. She was last seen by her doorman on the night that she vanished, her apartment appears to be intact with even her purse and cell phone left behind in her apartment. Her parents and co-workers reveal that she is a hard worker, and that she is a loner and had just been dumped by a married co-worker with whom she had an affair. A security tape from her apartment building shows her walking away into the night. Jack fears that she is lost forever until a ransom note appears on her mother's email list demanding a million dollars for her safe return.moreless