Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2004 on CBS

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  • A moving and sad story..

    I really like the way this episode was built.. the story, the way it was martin's aunt who is missing and the whole thing with her - a cancer patient who is dying and who just cannot say it because she is so scared to hurt anyone.. and the love, the suffering.. I was really impressed how well the char was portrayed and that really made this episode believable - the acting of that woman.. I am not sure who she was.. but the pain, the struggle.. the story, those deaths she helped.. and then being in that position herself..

    And ofcourse Jack's father storyline was not bad either.
  • Martin's aunt goes missing and what seems simple becomes far from it.

    There is a beautiful family insight in this show - it focuses on two of the main characters' family members - an aunt who has been undergoing chemo and a father in the early stages of Alzheimers. Martin Landau and Anthony LaPaglia play so well off each other and their interaction is both moving and dramatic.

    Meanwhile Martin is called in by his family when his aunt goes missing. She's a typical, nice family matriarch, a pillar of the community, who has been undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Of course once she's missing, some unusual things become clear. Chief amongst them that she has been helping people die who are in the final stages of terminal illness.

    What is most powerful about this episode is the dignity and indignity of disease and dying. Whatever one's thoughts about euthanasia, it is almost impossible not to be moved by the very human stories and the heart-wrenching decisions people have to make here.

    Some fine acting, some very thought-provoking issues and a little gem of an episode.
  • When Martins aunt disapperes he decides to call Sam for help. Together they look for her and during their search they discover that the aunt, who\'s got cancer, is not telling the whole truth about her illness. They find her still alive, and Martin ends u

    I loved this heartaching episode. It took my breath away! Really emotional and all. I love the indications that Sam and Martin are feeling something for one another. And the end totally made me cry. I loved that Martin opend up to Sam and showed her his weakness. Wonderful and memorable!
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