Without a Trace

Season 4 Episode 21


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on CBS
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The team searches for a teenage figure skater who disappears after practice one day and discover that many people in her life had reason to worry. The team's investigation leads to the rink's operator, a convicted rapist who was the last to see the girl.

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  • It was a good episode.

    I thought that this episode was great, because NZ had a break from without a trace for a couple of months before coming back to it, and from that break I thought I was better then what they been showing this whole season, this season of without a trace has been boring.

    I thought that the daughter including Ann was great!!! Also the daughter taking out the dad ring was a very great scene.

    Man it much sucks to have that much pressure on you to do something, I hate that. and the girl shouldn't blame herself too, it wasn't any one fault, especially hers.

    Hopefully the last few episode of this season is going to be good, even with the next.moreless
  • A young girl vanishes and the team is summoned. They soon discover that her life is not what it seems to be. Beneath the surface secrets are waiting. Meanwhile Anne is nervous about meeting Jack's daugther Kate. And Jack shares a moment with Kate.moreless

    Well I really don't know what to say about the case; it wasn't excatly what I expected it to be. I found it kind of boring.

    The rat in the closet was disgusting but I did laugh of Danny's joke on Elena and the fact that he named it "Binky" Lol that was kind of funny.

    Samantha looked just beautiful in this ep. well she always does, but that sligthly curled hair and her discreet make-up was just so pretty.

    I loved the way Sam figured it out in the end; I think she rocks at it! :) Way to go!

    Opposite many of the other reviewers I actually liked the fact that the writers focused on Jack, Kate and Anne.

    I think it was a great move; to show Anne anxiety and Kate's directness.

    I think she's a real cutie and I admire her guts! I think she was such a little hero in this ep. Taking off Jack's wedding ring was a great way of saying: "I'm fine with you dating, it's good to see you move on!" And I really loved the fact that the writers decided to share this with us.

    I think that was a great move.

    The case was a bit ridiculous and kind of boring. I felt like it was kind of fooling around. If they had pushed Kellys father a bit more they would have found her sooner.

    Instead the writers let the team fool around and walk in circles.

    I think that's a shame; it makes our team look a bit out of place..

    There for I give it only 6.5moreless
  • Not good but not bad

    The episode was neither good nor is bad just average

    When I saw this show it kind of reminded me of the

    Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding rivalry with a missing

    Skater and the operator of the rink who is also a child

    molester and rapist

    I mean who would want to hire someone that prays on women and young girls?

    Kind of confusing but the cast saves the show from nearly being bad!
  • All about the characters, but without a trace of an interesting case. Total snoozeworthy plot, somewhat redeemed by some great leaps for a teammember.

    This episode was about Jack and to a lesser extent, Anne. The case was an afterthought, and it shows. First, the good: namely, that the stuff with Jack really was good. I have to say, when he came back and took Vivian\'s promotion away, I really felt like his character was unlikeable. Jack is smart and competent, but he has some serious people problems, whether that\'s with his (ex) wife or the employee that works for him that he had the affair with, or whomever. He\'s arrogant. This one made me like him a little more again, though. Jack\'s daughters are in town, and the youngest one has a date with her Daddy, to which he decides to invite Anne. Anne has always been pretty neurotic, but it was in kind\'ve a cute way here; she\'s not great with kids, and she\'s nervous about not being great with his kid, because she cares about him. Jack\'s daughter is super cute and single-handedly helps bring about a lot of character development, first with her father, when she tells him it\'s okay for him to take his wedding ring off, and by taking it off for him, really does make it okay... and second of all, with Anne, who she tells she\'s sorry for her husband dying. The little kid shoots from the hip, like Jack, but is also sincere and simple about it, which he could take a few lessons from. All in all, a great episode just for those scenes, for fleshing out the relationships in Jack\'s life. As for the case itself, it\'s very \"meh\". I felt like the girl who went missing didn\'t really have any charisma, plus the pacing was just kind\'ve poor; instead of the story unfolding witha few twists and turns, it felt like we were just being led from point A to point B and it wasn\'t very exciting. It gets a B+ from me for the character development, even though that had much less face-time it was well-done and well-written, and a C- for the case, for a C average.moreless
  • Ok but not great

    The whole steroids angle was stupid. By now these kids should know they would get drug tested. The brother committing suicide and the sister finding the letter was hard to watch. You just wanted to slap the parents. And what was up with the creepy guy and his whole in the wall.
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