Without a Trace

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2005 on CBS

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  • Season 4 came out with a bang, and I see the return of this series to the calibre of Season 1. Supersized potholes aside, this was a beautiful, beautiful episode. The action scenes in the hospital were ingenius, especially in capturing Danny battling hi

    It was great to see Victor again, but it made no sense that Jack got off for the amazing infractions committed as a team leader in the prisoner transport. It was heart wrenching seeing wounded Martin's agony, the emotional shock and confusion in Danny, and Samantha's panic and dread. I enjoyed the Charles Mesure's performance who was the force de jour in this episode. Anthony energetically transported the action scenes, but I resented his unwarranted harshness of a distressed Danny. But it was Poppy's emotional depth that hit this episode out of the park during her bedside dialogue to Martin.
  • We set off exactly where we left it! Danny, Martin and Adisa Teno are being shot at and Martin get's badly injured. Danny get's luckey and the rest of the team (Vivian recovering from surgery) search for revenge and justice to be served. They succed.

    Wow! That's really all there is to say!
    We returned to the exact same cliff-hanger moment where we left of. I loved it, really!
    I bit my nailes off when Martin was in surgery, and I really felt Sam's anxiety. Very well written. I liked the way this ended. I thought it was a very cool moment when Jack shot Dornvald. I was like: "YAY At last!! About time that son of a ***** got what he deserved!"
    It was really getting to me that Nuru got away, I would have loved to see his *** get kicked, you know? But still you can't always get what you want.
    I did love the final part with Sam by Martin's bedside. I would have loved to see him open those pretty eyes of his and see them hook up again.
    But I guess I'll have to wait untill season 5, because I do believe they will end up together in this season. I'm routing for them!
    Anyway this ep. had everything I love about this serie: Action, drama and love. A little more love would have made me give it a 10, but that's really all!
  • Season Four premiere...all about revenge.

    From season three finale we left Martin and Danny, and their prisoner victims of gun fire. We return to Martin being severely wounded,Adisa Teno being to to death by Dornvald, and Danny receiving a slight head wound.

    They tried to have Danny feeling guilty and lost as Martin is critically hurt, and he escaped with only a graze, so they he begins taking risks to get Dornvald and is lectured by Jack. But it my opinion his acting was not up to par and I was just praying for when the camera would move off him. He

    Dornvald is caught and Jack is forced to shot him when he refuses to give up his weapon.

    But the best part of the episode was Sam's visit to Marin's bedside.

    Overall, a good premiere, which has me wondering why the rest of the season is not that way.
  • It is just like they are starting all over.

    This is the conclusion of the 3rd season's cliffhanger. The previous episode featured the murder of a corrupt leader of an African country. When last we saw them, Martin and Danny were under fire. This one picks up with the aftermath of Martin trying to unsuccessfully drive away. He sustains heavy damage. Danny comes through a little banged up and begins a hot pursuit of the killer. Sam realizes she still cares for Martin and tells him so while he is sedated.
    There is a lot of excitement in this one. The missing person is a killer for hire. The resolution of his being caught and shot on a rooftop is exceptional.
  • It picks up the cliffhanger from last season: Martin and Danny are ambushed while transporting Adisa Teno.

    It picks up the cliffhanger from last season: Martin and Danny are ambushed while transporting Adisa Teno.

    As far as I could tell or remember, Dornvald was the head security assigned to kill revolutionary leader, Adisa Tenor. Isaiah Nuru claims to have nothing to do with the ambush, but Jack suspects the opposite. As much as Dornvald is known to be a killer, the episode wisely portrays him with empathy. He is following orders and he's being blackballed by the people who hired him.

    There are some interesting things in the plot. The international intrigue is fascinating. Nuru knows how to bluff and Martin's dad (a top FBI director) sides with the policy of negotiating with Nuru, by trading Paige Hobson (who confessed to have killed the African leader) for Dornvald. Of course, our team has to find Dornvald before Nuru kills him. Techniques to finding Dornvald involved looking for a black hooker and Dornvald's technique of going after close relatives of his target. The episode ends atop Port Authority; Jack shots him dead with no evidence as to what happened.

    I got to say "Without a Trace" is exceptional at shooting in location. I know they're usually based in California, but they fly to New York for the scenery. In this episode alone, the ambush takes place in front of the bull statue in Wall Street and then there's the aforementioned Port Authority.

    As drama goes, we are limited to three characters, since Vivian and Martin are both in the hospital. Anthony LaPaglia is so good at his role. This time around, with Martin's father complicating the case, he's extremely protective of his team (Martin got shot, man!). Meanwhile Danny is acting like a stubborn kid, who believes he's okay, despite some minor bruises (not to mention a bit of trauma perhaps). His jittery impulse is evident when he tries to shoot Dornvald, where he could have shot the hostage. Sam Spade is driven to rush towards Martin's side. She is feeling guilty because she had been distant.
  • All summer long we wondered - will Danny and Martin survive the ambush? We have our answers in this episode.

    Somehow, Without A Trace manages to balance its core procedural nature with developing its characters. Unlike shows like the CSI spin offs which have a tendency to forget developments with their characters, Without A Trace develops them throughout.

    Yes, Danny and Martin survived the ambush, but Martin is badly injured - shot in the chest and stomach. Danny managed to kill one of the assassins and injure another, but Donwarld (spelling?) got away.

    What an opening, you know? I have to say that Eric Close (Martin) and Enrique Murciano (Danny) did a very good job in their scenes. Boy, did Martin look bad.

    Danny was pretty shook up the entire episode, and he nearly killed a hostage in his haste to kill Donwarld.

    The writers even managed to write a sympathetic Donwarld, which is pretty good on their part.

    Everyone gets a chance to shine - well, except Vivian who is recuperating in the hospital somewhere. Sam is shaken by the realisation that she nearly lost Martin, but I\'m not sure whether she finally realised that she\'s in love with Martin or that she\'s only staying with him out of guilt.

    Jack was all bulldog-gy and determined and it\'s nice to see him interacting with Martin\'s dad who actually got to show some warmth. hmm!

    A stellar start to the season, and I\'m looking forward to more!

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