Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 20

Skin Deep

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2007 on CBS
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Tess Pratt lets go of her son Andrew's hand for just a moment at the marketplace, but that's all it takes for the six-year-old boy to disappear. After learning that her father-in-law, Joseph, is a well-known white supremacist who was less than thrilled that grandson was interracial, the team initially focuses their suspicion on him, but despite his beliefs, Pratt is adamant that he would never harm his grandson. Vivian tries to keep the young mother calm, and the team hopes to get a lead when they finally get a ransom demand.moreless

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  • Mmmm...not my favorite eppy...most of this one was a little predictable but i definitly wasn't expecting the dad to get shot. Eric Close did a good job of directing, but the storyline just wasn't the best.moreless

    A interracial boy goes missing after his mom looks away for a minute while at the market. Vivian interrogates the less- than-pleased white racial grandfather and basically determines it isn't him. The team then gets a information on the ransom. The dad is set to drop the cash when his cell rings telling him to go to a different location. Upon arriving he realizes his son is not with the ransom grabber and demands to know where he is. The guy then pulls a gun and shoots him in the neck (?) I totally hought he was dead but the writers had to be nice and let him live... Pretty much after that it's kinda dull, Jack and co. find the warehouse where the kid is w/ the kidnapper and his girlfriend/wife (don't know which she is) and once Jack corners him he pulls his gun and Danny must shoot him from above. The boy and his family are then happy reunited and the eppy endsmoreless
  • Not exactly one of the best episodes of the series - a tad too predictable ... in story and acting! But a touching story none-the-less.

    Of course it is every parent's nightmare ... letting go of your child's' hand for one second and the next ... you can't see them. For most ... you turn around again and there they are but as we all know there are bad people in the world who will ransom children for money. And that is where I have the problem ... for a directorial first for Eric Close ... it is a great shame he picked such a dull story ... and dialogue ["We should put together a list of his prison associates ... OK let's do it! (associates? what is this ... Wall Street? ... let's do it? ... all that was missing was a high five!)] ... if he was looking for tragedy and heart tugging ... a lost child will always do that ... but this is the FBI and exciting things happen to and I do feel that an opportunity was lost to make his debut with more impact!

    And as much as I like Marianne Jean-Baptiste, I think she overplayed the compassion hand. It was like they were all on their best behaviour ... not wanting to blow the new boy's episode. If they had put a bit more meat into the acting and story, it could have been a very good show!

    Still ... even when it is a bit off par, it is still a very very good series!moreless
  • incredibly dull episode with boring characters boring plot boring dialog

    its hard to say anything nice about this episode, its like they phoned it in. basically none of the characters are likable so you just don't care. the main thing is the child is all wrong, i don't know why directors do this, but they cast a kid that looks not even slightly interracial as interracial. that kind of thing pops you right out of the story because its like they didn't even try. much like that movie with jlo and ben affleck where they cast a little girl that looked nothing like what you'd imagine a latin beauty and lanterned jaw white guy would create. other than that this episode was predictable, the white supremacist red herring was just too obvious.moreless
  • Eric Close directorial debut

    Eric Close makes a decent directorial debut and he will

    Only get better with time IMHO. As a young mother

    Tess lets go of her interracial son. Who's father and family

    Are white supremacists. But despite the subject, it really has little to do with a kid going missing. Nice to see Danny's emotions get the best of him.
  • Eric Close makes his directorial debut

    I thought it was a pretty good episode, but I'm probably biased because I love Eric Close. But whatever. Husband looked really trashy, but I must say I thought his racist father looked yummy, lol. Funny how that works. Interesting how racism works, the guy was very fond of the time he spent with his mixed-race grandson, yet refused to use the pen that Viv was holding. So complex. I thought Viv was the shining light of this episode, she seemed to relate (and at times take umbrage) with the case. And angry Viv = Good Viv. I also kind of liked the scene with Elena and Sam. Sam was quick to pass judgement on Tess and her parenting, but as an ACTUAL parent, Elena clued her in that things aren't always as they seem, sometimes you have to actually experience raising a child yourself. Martin....OH. MY. GAWD. How fine did EC look last night?? I don't know what he's been doing lately, but his look, everything the hair, the face, the body, is on point. He almost looks as great as he did in Season 3. Good directing debut for EC, I must say I thought it was adorabe that when his name came up in the credits as director, Martin was on the screen, lol. I think that was probably intentional.moreless

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