Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 7

Snatch Back

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2002 on CBS

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  • Wrong child

    I really most say this one had a great story - a child adoption on bright daylight in front many people - and noone noticed nothing out of the ordinary. So what really happened?

    I really liked the variety of suspect and how they are were excluded - none of them did it as it had nothing to do with the girl taken - they had a wrong girl. That was a really brilliant twist.. as the randsom guy who had nothing to do with the kidnap too.

    Anyway, the end got little slow and lost the pace the start had. but good one still.
  • A kidnapping brings up all sorts of murky pasts.

    This one really keeps you guessing. I'm not going to give everything away, but there might be one or two spoilers...

    A young girl is kidnapped from a park in broad daylight. She is the daughter of a prominent ADA and suspicion falls everywhere - on those she has put away, to the nanny to the father (who isn't as squeaky clean as he appears), to a 'stalker'. The team are under a lot of pressure to find the child, but all roads lead to dead ends. Even when there's a ransom demand, nothing goes smoothly. Actually the scene with the ransom guy is hilarious - he asked for a ransom because nobody else had, yet still thinks he's not in trouble!

    The ending, with the twist about the kidnapping, is great and actually very moving. I was really sorry the very end of the story played out as it did.

    I really like it when these shows take a straightforward story and mix it up, so you're always wrongfooted. Sometimes the twists are obvious, sometimes not. This is definitely one of the better ones, where you're just as dumbfounded as the detectives for the most part.
  • Great Episode

    This was one of those great episodes that you can just keep watching over & over again.

    This episode kept me guessing the entire time but I managed to work out what exactly happend a few seconds before the team did.

    At first I thought it may be an act of revenge or the nanny, but then I decided that it was the father, he seemed to be guilty enough, but when I took a good look at the other girl I worked out that the wrong child was kidnapped.

    I hope there are more episodes this good in the future.
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