Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 12

Tail Spin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on CBS
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The team tries to determine whether or not the recent disappearance of an air traffic controller has connections to the Middle East. The team soon learns that his wife died in an automobile accident and he was having an affair with her sister.

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  • Not a bad episode but not great

    You had to feel sorry for the kid. He lost his mother and father went to jail within two years. The affair between the father and sister in law was gross. I miss my sister so much I think I will sleep with her husband. The drug dealers plot was good.
  • Didn't see that one coming!

    I really liked the MPs story this week, it kept me guessing and I had no idea what was coming next. I felt kind of bad for the son - tough breaks all around and I like how Jack was able to relate to him. It's sad that the dad had to go to prison in the end, but he WAS a criminal. But you still felt for his situation.

    I Loved Martins \"careful brother\" to Danny, that had me laughing out loud. I also kind of liked how Martin looked in the same direction as Danny....hey, Elena\'s hot folks. I loved the FBI Jacket look on him. AND he and Sam had scenes together! Short, but Ill take what I can get. Danny and Elena...you have to admit they look HOT together and if anyone is going to hook up with our Danny it would have to be someone as beautiful as Elena. I'm just going to sit back and see how this all plays out. Ok. Jack and Sam\'s conversation. At first I freaked out, but then I thought about it. Im thinking that they are trying to re-establish a close FRIENDSHIP between the two. Much like what I think they are trying to do with Danny and Martin. I mean think about it. Losing your love and your baby is MAJOR, you would have to confide in SOMEBODY. My only thing is, I think it would make more since for Jack to confide in VIVIAN, than Sam based on their relationship the first four seasons. Just my opinion.moreless
  • Another blow to Jack's already messy personal life

    Another blow to Jack's already personal life as Ann, his

    Lover and another fellow agent loses the baby as the

    Viewers feel bad for him. It shows also that Jack still have feeligns for Sam despite her feeling the same way about him. Meanwhile the team tries to search for a man who may try to escape due to Middle East ties.
  • I loved how they showed Jack & Sam in this eppisode. In my opinion, I think Jack still harbors feelings for Sam and even though Sam said she doesnt care about Jacks personal life, I think she still has feelings for him also.moreless

    I think Jack still harbors feelings for Sam because he said she would be the one he confides in. From season 2 on, you could see he still had feelings for Sam. Even though Sam said she doesnt care about Jacks personal life, I think she still has feelings for him also. You could see Danny take an interest in Elena (can\'t wait till next episode). I also liked how Jack could relate to the boys situation. This was a very good episode, I would never have thought that a father would risk losing his son by helped trafficing drugs.moreless

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    • Duke Bowden: You should have warned me about that hole.
      Neil Rawlings: I didn't see the hole. I told you we should have done this at daybreak.
      Duke Bowden: Hey, I don't recognize this ledge.
      Neil Rawlings: We're going down a different way.
      Duke Bowden: You trying to get me lost?
      Neil Rawlings: Don't be an idiot.
      Duke Bowden: How much longer we gonna be up here?
      Neil Rawlings: I don't know. I don't usually hike through the woods with duffel bags full of dope.

    • Samantha Spade: I called up to Ann's office to get some help with this aviation stuff, and, uh, they said she doesn't work here anymore.
      Jack Malone: That's right. Um, from now on you should contact Agent Vasquez, he's taking care of it.
      (later in the episode)
      Jack Malone: I'm sorry about what happened before.
      Samantha Spade: If you don't want me knowing about your personal life, that's fine. But don't come to me and tell me that Ann's pregnant and then the next day act like I'm butting in. I don't care what you do with your personal life anymore, okay? I don't.
      Jack Malone: If there was anyone that I was going to confide in, it would be you. (pauses, looks helpless) I don't even know where to start.
      (later in the episode)
      Samantha Spade: Another happy ending.
      Jack Malone: Mmm-hmm. (Jack begins to walk away, Sam follows) Ann lost the baby. (Jack continues walking, Sam stops in the hallway)

  • NOTES (2)

    • Orginal International Air Date:
      Norway: September 18, 2009 on Nrk1
      Slovakia: October 22, 2010 on Markiza

    • This episode featured a missing person's alert for Coreen Faye Wiese. Wiese disappeared sometime on November 8, 2006, after leaving her high school early in the morning. Her alert was originally slated to run on December 10, but was rescheduled.