Without a Trace

Season 3 Episode 20

The Bogie Man

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 04, 2005 on CBS

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  • When a young girl goes missing, suspicion immediately falls on a guy who was thought to have killed another young girls years earlier.

    I really enjoyed this episode, and there are some SPOILERS in what follows.

    The murder of a young girl years ago, blamed on her boyfriend, but never proven. He's now a loner, living in the woods in a cabin. The police immediately blame him for the disappearance of another young girl, who was the same age as the first, and obsessed with who might have been responsible for her death.

    There are so many questions to ask yourself in this episode. How quick are we to judge something we fear, rather than looking at the truth? How do you really spot a bad guy? Why is mob mentality able to rule us? In the UK, after a famous paedophile case, a group of people actually went to the offices of a paediatrician and destroyed it!!

    It's kind of obvious that the one most suspected isn't going to be the one who's guilty, and what happens to him is heartrending. He's a totally innocent man, nearly framed by the police, suspected for years as a monster, but actually a quite gentle young man who tries to help and is killed for his efforts by a supposedly law-abiding citizen who's been molesting a young girl!

    It's one of those dissatisfying endings again, but for all the right reasons. It might have been nice if we could have had the first murder solved, but actually not having it solved proves just how wrong the law enforcement guys were in the first place.

    And of course we have the Samantha/Martin ongoing affair, which is now not presumable to go on. I really didn't care either way.