Without a Trace

Season 4 Episode 7

The Innocents

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on CBS
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The team worries about a grieving father who couldn't accept his daughter's death, especially after child pornography is found in his home. This leads to a nerve wracking and painful haunt for a little girl who's being held as a sex slave.

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  • A man, grieving over the death of his daugther, disappears and the team is summoned. Elena and Marty finds kiddie porn in his home and this leads to a nervewracking and painful haunt for a little girl who's being held as a sexslave...moreless

    This one really got to me, it actually made me nauseas. Kiddie porn is disgusting, no one should have to go through that.

    I thought the way they got on track of Melissa was a little lame with the guy looking for her and all. That was a little lame.. But that aside I really felt the plot in this episode.

    It really touched me and I couldn't move during this episode. I was happy that they found her, but it really made me sick thinking about what she had been through. Poor thing! And even worse it is to know that many kids go through this every day without anyone interfeering. That thought really kills me.

    I thought they wrote this one really good, I liked the part where George Anderson's ex-girlfriend was arrested with Danny hiding and all, that was cool.

    But the end with Jack in the field pretending to be interested in "trading merchandise" was really cool. Those parts were as close to perfect as it can be.

    Especially when he sat by Melissa and said: "Chicken little says hi, he sent me to help" was a really smart move! I wouldn't have thought of that.

    And I really felt great when he knocked out that scumbag! I was like: "YAY! GO JACK!" I had really wanted to do that myself!

    I would have love to see the FED's call off that Kiddie Porn meeting/Party and see them arrest all of those disgusting people. That would have made me happy!

    But as it is I'm satisfied. :) Way to go!moreless
  • This episode starts out with a missing man who we learn has recently lost a daughter to cancer. When he is found he reveals his new hobby to the Agents finding little girls who are trapped in the world of Peodphiles.moreless

    I'm still scrathing my head about this one:

    1. What was the purpose of it?

    2. Why did they do it?

    3. Who wrote this episode?

    All answers I will give.

    This episode made no sense whatsoever, and it has been added to my list of issues with Season four.

    I have a strong feeling that this episode was mainly done to get a so-called big name actor to appear; Gordan Clapp of NYPD. I said it already but, I will say it again, I'm still scrathing my head about this one.

    The only great reveal about this episode was finding out that Elena had a daughter, which although its cool, I don't see her as being the motherly type.

  • Very painful to watch because of the subject matter.

    I liked how the story played out but it was very painful to watch. I loved the fact that the agents believed the father pretty quickly, but not too quick, that he was not a child molester. I liked how they showed getting info from a girl that was in a similar situation.
  • OK.

    I thought this episode was interesting. For most of the episode I did not really know where it was go, if anywhere. The first person that was missing was a middle aged male that just lost his young teenage daughter to cancer months before. When they looked for him they found out that he was getting into "kiddie porn". It turned out (rather slowly) that he was actually just tracking a small girl and trying to find her because he knew she was in trouble. She was his only reason for looking (and printing) porn.

    I thought it took forever to figure out what was going on. It was very slow-paced.moreless
  • A child loses her parents as a small little girl and is placed with an uncle who exposes her to child pornography.

    I would like to commend the writers for bringing such a painful reality to many young children who are being exploited in our not so perfect society. Most of these childrens lives are left to chance because of circumstances out of there control. Whether it be they are caught up in foster care or even a relative. This episode touches on the reality of the many perverts living in our society. This episode deserves a 4 star rating.moreless
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