Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 10

The Thing With Feathers

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2006 on CBS

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  • This was an ok episode

    A woman with cancer disappears after leaving a party with a guy. She was tricked into believing that she could be healed by a scam. The womann said that she had cancer and she had been cured. Anyway, they find the guy she left with and he's all confused. It turns out the woman was blackmailing her boss to get money for the scam. She had been seen outside an art gallery where the window was shattered. They found her in a bus place and she had been attacked. This episode was pretty good and so sad. The flashbacks with Vivian were great.
  • I have seen much better in the past-- but had some good.

    This episode proved to be very, very boring in its overall plot. Although the storyline was respectable, it lacked something imperative: good acting from the guest stars. Each one, in my opinion, lacked the ability to act well, to put themselves into the characters’ shoes.

    I will say, though, the way in which the writers had Vivian have flashbacks to when she was diagnosed with heart disease was well-written, compelling, and realistic-- so real that I actually had sympathy for her, which is something that rarely happens to me when watching a fictional television show.
  • Not a bad episode could have done without the Vivian flashbacks though

    Not a bad episode but hated that they ended it with the dying woman assaulted in a parking lot. The Vivian flashbacks got on my nerves. Stop telling the stories of the agents' personal lives. More finding missing people less about the agents. I hate that this show is on on Sundays now.
  • Cancer patient goes missing, hits Viv over the head... figuratively.

    If I'm going to be unbiased, this wasn't one of the better episodes. This one was nothing special. However, as a physically disabled person with a heart condition of her own, I choose to be biased.

    I'm happy with the way they depicted Vivian's road to recovery, though in reality it takes a whole lot more than one doctor and a couple of appointments to get to the diagnoses, they did the best they could. The writers did, I think, the best job they could when it comes to trying to explain to healthy people how desperate some sick people are to get better. However, I wish they had put more umph into it. The dialogue from the cancer patient was great. Things she said I've thought many times and it hit close to home. Especially the part about her illness giving her the finger.

    Another thing I enjoyed was the chatting between Martin, Danny and Samantha. I think it makes the show more believable when they have normal non-dramatic conversations. The only bad thing about this is that whenever they do have those silly conversations, it's like they can't have a good story-line. With the writers it seems that it's either one way or the other; not both.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is this episode had the potential to be great, but they fell short.
  • Case takes backseat again!

    This is another episode where the victim takes another backseat to the personal life of the agents. Usually it is Jack but now tonight it is Vivian. As a woman with a heart condition goes missing and Viv is reminded of her own condition which nearly cost her, her own life. Great to see her husband trying to save her life.