Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 15

There Goes the Bride

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2003 on CBS

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  • A bride is kidnapped from her wedding reception. Sam and his team are brought in to investigate and find there is much more to this story than meets the eye.


    "There Goes the Bride" was the first episode of Without a Trace that I ever saw and, to date, is my favorite. I was drawn in by the story and wasn't quite sure where it would lead. Needless to say I was hooked on the episode from start to finish. Excellent acting by everybody, regulars and guest stars, help make this episode, in my mind, the best of the series so far.

  • Family problems..

    Oh.. a bride goes missing in her own wedding and what in first glance was perfect family and happy marriage to come gets drawn into the mood and blood and in the end, nothing is as it believes - and the end, when son takes shot on his father.. and the thoughts agents have - that maybe he knew all along and that's why he married her, to save her..

    Anyway.. the whole plotted story - not too bad. I would have not figured that out at all.. but the way that story was twisted.. and that wedding should be the best day of your life.. it felt cruel..
  • A beautiful wedding followed by a flood of ugly and tragic.

    This was a cold, cold episode! And Viv, wow, I wasn't impressed with her at all, she didn't show a bit of emotion even when she broke down the mother of the groom to reveal one of the most egregious of secrets any family could ever have. When everything finally came to fruition, they treated everyone who had been a victim as if they were in the wrong, and they seemingly paid very little attention to the one responsible for the entire series of events.
    If they had showed emotion I believe it could have been a great early on episode, but it fell short, it just felt as if they were trying to focus to much on the storyline itself, and unaware that their characters should have even been trying to convey any sort of character driven emotion.
  • A brilliant case of what could happen when the professional secrets are broken!

    A brilliant case of what could happen when the professional secrets are broken!
    The epi aboard the problematic of professional secrets and how this could interfere with the investigation… But also shows strategies to overtake it.
    Another point in this epi is what people could do for love and to keep a marriage.
    It was sad that in the end the girl are dead and we don’t know who killed her: the wife or the husband? In general this was a great mystery case with no solution about the killer…

    This was a case where we have a lot of Sam. In this epi we can see an ex-boyfriend and her relation now with him. We can also see the beginning of Martin interest in her. The epi have a lot of Sam good-humour and her sarcastic jocks, which always make me smile!
    It was funny to see Sam undercover but I think that wig is horrible and I didn’t like to see her with it! She is much more beautiful with blond and long hair!
    This was a great epi. I really love it
  • The missing bride's father-in-law not only molested her when she was a child, but also plotted her kidnap when she threatened to reveal their secret to his beloved son during the wedding. She also promised he would lose his son forever.

    Intriguing story about secrets of a wealthy family. The missing bride led a troubled life earlier which resulted from having stayed at her fiance's home. His father molested her while she stayed at his home as a child. The father's dread of the secret told lead to her kidnap. Visually stunning special effects during the bride disappearing. I found this to be an unusually interesting story. It involved so much deception and sleaze. I felt deeply for the missing person.