Without a Trace

Season 3 Episode 2

Thou Shalt Not

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2004 on CBS

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  • Good case

    One of those episodes where case is good and exciting and there is some really good emotions involved but on the other hand the other thing going on onscreen.. char storylines really make it feel horrible. I do not know what.. i really like when shows like this have concentration on char and so many ways I think it should do it more.. but they are not just working it out.. or.. I am not sure. All the emphases they try to put on chars comes in so cruel and not likable storylines that turns it a big mess. And the whole thing with Jack leaving and now staying - it feels so artificial, written, not natural.
  • Interesting plot twists and character development

    I enjoyed this episode, not because of the great plot - which it had, but because it very subtley arranged for viewers to get more character development. We see Jack trying to adjust to not being in charge - having his own ideas but obviously suppressing them. We also see Sam and Martin's relationship has deepened. Their scene at the clinic shined a little light on both of them. We hear Sam saying she has been pregnant before, though given the plot context, she could have simply been saying it to go along with the story. Martin cares for her so much - the hand on her back, the looks - they have amazing chemistry.

    This episode dealt with touchy issues - abortion, bomb scares - but all the while keeping us in tune with the cast and characters. And the end scene with "let...go..." absolutely brought tears to my eyes. "And now standing in front of all of you, I feel proud. Proud of how much this clinic has accomlished and how far it's come - how far we've all come. But now it's time to let go - not of our beliefs, but of our anger and hatred. I'm a religious woman, I believe in God and my God tells me that I have to forgive those who sin against me. To whoever did this to me - I forgive you. I know you never meant to hurt me and that your wounds unlike mine are not healed. So I say to you today...let go. let go."
  • An episode with major and minor plots well-connected.

    The major plot of this episode raises two interesting moral points, concerning abortion and redemption, the first being incidental to the second, as ‘Maureen Grady’ disappears after trying for two years to make up for bombing an abortion clinic by working as a nurse in a hospital’s burns unit. The guilt she feels, and the way she attempts to deal with it, is contrasted with her husband’s continued conviction that they did the right thing in the first place. Her death at the end of the episode is less interesting than her survival would have been.

    The minor plot is also interesting, dealing with Jack’s need to return to his post in charge of the unit (because of the circumstances of his divorce) presenting him with a conflict as he wishes to be fair to Vivian, whom he believes to be capable of running the unit as his replacement.

    The point of the episode, insofar as it has an easily reducable one, is that in life one is presented with choices which often are not easy or pleasant.