Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 8

Trip Box

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2003 on CBS

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  • Noone will get hurt..

    .. or that was the plan and usually in shows like this, things go different and this time there was even two casualties in the end for one time event what would have solved some problem - they just made so much more.

    Anyway, The story was not too bad, not too good either. That kind of usual kind of episode what is good to watch one time and that's all.

    Maybe the whole thing with the last episode shooting added something but not much. It lacked that something special what would make episode stand up. The friendship those men had was not enough to make this episode something you will remember.
  • Poppy, will you marry me?

    Not a bad episode. Still I wasn’t “that” entertained. The “fireman” angle could have been better explored. The story was generic, even bland. Decent acting by everyone involved. Nothing to remember, but competent.
    They tried to push the right buttons, but I never really felt any attachment to any character or any emotion.
    Simply put, average.
    And what in the world are they doing with Jack’s hair? It’s awful. Truly awful.
    Just to end on a good note, let me say again that Poppy really is one of the hottest women on TV right now. Dear God in heaven!
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