Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 23


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 12, 2009 on CBS

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  • A more personal case for Jack and team, as it's his daughter's boyfriend who is missing this time. Sam is having doubts about the choice she has to make between Jack and Brian. Danny and Elena resolve the last minor problems before the wedding.

    Hannah gets herself in trouble with her father, when she is forced to tell him her boyfriend from Chicago has moved to New York, and they've been seeing eachother. The boyfriend mysteriously disappears and after his initial hesitation, Jack assigns the team to the case. Further investigation uncovers his horrible relationship with his father, as well as his involvement in an accident resulting in one of his best friends being in a coma. Trying to find some money to give to the boy's parents, he gets in trouble with car thieves and drug dealers.

    Hannah is in the typical teenage angst situation, believing her father wants to break her up from her boyfriend, and reacting in an aggressive manner. Jack soon realizes his authoritative behaviour isn't getting him anywhere, and changes attitude. Samantha helps out, earning Hannah's trust and making her feel safer towards her father. While Jack starts out being completely disapproving, he ends up understanding his daughter is in love, and even giving her boyfriend the benefit of a doubt. "I'm kinda hoping you're the guy my daughter thinks you are", he tells him in the interrogation room, after he is found trying to escape the country. It turns out he didn't kill his friend after all, and that he was carried away by the third passenger to hide everything from the police. Hannah meets him again, and everything is okay with them.

    On a more personal level however, Brian makes a move for Samantha and she seems very much in doubt as to whether she will choose him or Jack. Jack's obligations with his daughters (he plans to take a trip to Chicago to see his other daughter as well), and providing a safe environment for Finn will obviously play a big part in her decision. Will she choose Jack or will she take the safe bet, and decide to raise Finn in a more quiet environment, with his real father? We'll see in the next episode... Danny and Elena on the other hand are going to land safely, as their marriage is a done deal.
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