Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2008 on CBS

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  • they were so stupid

    the best friend and mother was stupid because it was all a accident when he fall down the stairs.if they called 911 everything will of been okay..they will have not gone to jail because she didn't pull him or anything he was not looking and he fall.but they so stupid they went and move the body making it a crime.
  • A great storyline

    In this episode of Without a Trace, the following happens. The team are called in when a teenager named Will Duncan goes missing. We soon learn that Will has gone from being always in school to missing 8 lessons in only one week. They learn that Wills father works in the counterfeit money section. Will recently stole money from his father's counterfeit collection which he used at seminars. Jack tells Sam that he has turned out the job offer. The team go to an internet cafe which will used and found out that he hacked into the school server.
    We soon learn that his father is having an affair and Will found to about it and told his mother. We soon learn that Will is dating the woman who runs the internet cafe and that she is pregnant with his child. When Will's best friend is seen on CCTV cameras at the location where Will was last seen, she is called in. She then confesses to following him and arguing with him and he fell down the stairs. We learn that she then called her mother who then helped her move the body. The team then find his body in a dumpster. At the end of the episode his parents met his girlfriend who is pregnant with his child.
  • This was a very good episode . I'm disappointed that I can find no site that ever shows a complete list of guest stars. Would like to know the star names of the both parents and that of the boy Will.

    Story about a teenage boy who fathered a child (did not reveal until show almost over) with a young lady, but who tragically died due to a simple misunderstanding with a female friend at school. Also makes you understand how a father's mistakes can bring havoc to a family and even to a yet unborn potential family. The father's marital unfaithfulness leads to what his son perceives as a 'betrayal' which ultimately causes a total change in his behaviors, including computer hacking, giving out tests to his friends, an affair with a girlfriend, and his ultimate demise. So far as the main cast characters, depicts an interesting interaction between the new acting chief and the former acting chief.