Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 21

Two Families

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on CBS

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  • Thought provoking

    I really liked the way the story was built and maybe even more how it ended - it was so looking like another last minute save - so many tv series has done it.. but they decided to do something fresh and that mysterious silence, waiting finishing it left all opened and I liked it.

    I also liked the story.. the way parents fought 11 years.. both of those parents.. one to kill that man, others to save their son.. the termination, the emotions.. it was just amazing. And The story really was emotional, getting to me.. moving.

    Last two episodes have been amazing.
  • A father, who has been trying to prove his son innocent for the last 11 years, is missing.

    After the announcement that his son would be executed, he suddenly disappeared. The team gets to investigate the disappearance of him. Personally, I really liked this episode. Throughout the whole episode, I hoped his son was innocent. To make the episode interesting and suspenseful, the father found the enough evidences and witness to exonerate his son for the last couple of days, but unfortunately, he's gone a few days before the execution. The reason why I like this one is that it didn't reduce the tension until the very end. I couldn't feel relieved even after the team found the missing father. Especially, I got really nervous when they cut back and forth to a scene of the son walking to the room where he'd be executed, to the father holding a candle with his wife in front of the jail, to the team waiting a call from the lawyer in the office. At first, I was really angry when they just ended the show without showing what happened next (I flipped out when I saw "Executive producer, Jerry Bruckheimer."), but now that I think about it again, it was a good decision to end the show right there. It could've reduced the suspense if they had shown the next.
  • Classic Without A Trace show

    Yes, it was well written and yes it absolutely kept me on the edge of my seat...but I am ABSOLUTELY frustrated that we had to make our own conclusion. Even if it did not give us a happy ending (such as a similar episode the brilliant but now cancelled In Justice did) -- it would have at least given viewers a little satisfaction. The acting by the supporting cast in this episode was superb - the father's angst and how he took us through all the ranges of emotion he had to have felt was intense. It was also heartwarming (for lack of a better word) to see the love and bond between a father and son. This father loves his son so much and refuses to give up on him. It is clear by the end that the son is in fact innocent and the father has been standing rightfully by his son...but then we have no idea what happens!! It made me mad, but then I could not wait to tune into the next episode. :)
  • A man whose son is on death row for murder goes missing after confronting the family of the murdered victims.

    It's a good episode, with the usual twists and turns that make WAT special. A father desperate to prove his son innocent of the crime he's been convicted of suddenly goes missing for no apparent reason. Is he so despondent that he's suicidal? Has he been killed by someone in the victims' family? As usual, the truth is discovered by a kind of circuitous route and it's kind of sad all round, since everyone and no-one is at fault. It also raises the issues of the death sentence and whether innocent people are being executed, and some of the characters reveal their views on it.

    The ending is frustrating but completely right for the episode. There's no neat winding up of the story, and it's left up to us to decide what might have happened.
  • Hallo...

    Ich fand diese Episode sehr interessant und spannend.
    Was mich persönlich aber sehr gestört hat war das Ende. Wenn das Ganze schon so spannend ist, dann sollte am Ende doch wohl auch zu sehen sein, was nun wirklich passiert! Aber das kam hier nicht vor. so, nun saß ich vor dem Fernseher und war doch fassungslos, daß das Ende nicht ganz klar war. Haben Sie es noch vor 12 Uhr geschafft oder nicht mehr. Ich gehe nun davon aus, daß der Fall wieder aufgerollt und alles geklärt wurde!