Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 21

Two Families

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on CBS

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  • Classic Without A Trace show

    Yes, it was well written and yes it absolutely kept me on the edge of my seat...but I am ABSOLUTELY frustrated that we had to make our own conclusion. Even if it did not give us a happy ending (such as a similar episode the brilliant but now cancelled In Justice did) -- it would have at least given viewers a little satisfaction. The acting by the supporting cast in this episode was superb - the father's angst and how he took us through all the ranges of emotion he had to have felt was intense. It was also heartwarming (for lack of a better word) to see the love and bond between a father and son. This father loves his son so much and refuses to give up on him. It is clear by the end that the son is in fact innocent and the father has been standing rightfully by his son...but then we have no idea what happens!! It made me mad, but then I could not wait to tune into the next episode. :)
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